Massage Can Make You Look Years Younger?

It amazes me how many people I meet who have never received a professional massage before. It’s easy to forget that not many years ago that was my reality.

One day on a trip to Thailand, I walked by a store and saw a sign that says – Massage Oil – 200 baht for 1-1 spa masaje 2 hours.

My body aches and walked the next thing I know he enjoys one of the most pleasurable expriences of my life. Store out half an hour later in total bliss.

During my four months of adventure Thailand had about 50 massages! All different spa masaje Thai massage, Swedish style, hot stones, shiatsu . . . All my experience of life changed. It is hard to describe, but it’s how I became much lighter.

It’s a bit like the story of the frog in the well. A good frog is hanging on a day in an ocean of frogs come and say hello. The well-frog asks how big the ocean? As big as my well? The ocean and the frog just laughs. The frog well again asks Is twice as big as my well? – You get the point!

Back to lightweight and light, I could feel on an energetic level that massages were caught releasing energy that was in my body as stress, anxiety, contraction, etc began to feel the energy through the palms of my hands and sometimes my whole body. Plants and trees and everyone has different energetic qualities I could feel . . .

This experience deepened in the coming years and then, one day after receiving my first Hawai’ian LomiLomi Massage, I decided to learn to share this experience with others.

Through Amazing Grace, I have to learn from some elderly and Hawaii Hawaiian Master healers. They taught me special things that have been passed from generation to generation for a long time.

After years of practice massage clients, I realized that many people around 35 years old and up – look years younger after just a few months of regular massage. Many of the clients are women and they definitely expecting much more attractive. Some of them literally began to shine!

It was explained that in Hawaii massage eliminates stagnant energy trapped in the body. A large part of this stagnant energy is contragua Emotions.

When we fear a thought for example, our bodies and harden contract. Fear thoughts with great ccontradad of energy invested in them create the disease in the body. See your own experience closely and feel that this is true. The next time you have a very strong fear-based thinking, notice how your body feels . . .

Many healers believe that these old emotional energies are causing and contributing to cancer. He goes so far as to say that some cancers are caused by certain emotions that are found in specific locations in the body.

This feels true in my experience. For people with a high level of energy stagnation recommend trying different therapies such spa masaje Rebirthing, catharsis, Dynamic Meditation, Yoga, Yoga Dahn. Personally, subjected to a powerful Toltec practice called Recap where relived energy trapped and processed last. It is extremely useful. I could literally feel stagnant energy waves leaving my body and made me feel much lighter.

If you want to look younger, do it the natural and vibrant way. Seriously, popping pills does not. The pills have many harmful side effects for most – Quickfix solutions are followed by years of side effects when in a few months, with a little effort and intention can be naturally vibrant. I personally do not know any people who are avid vibrant pill-poppers!

There is a time and a place for an aspirin, do not misunderstand me, but his departure the 10 pharmaceutical companies selling statistics from last year . . . hello? Yes, people are depressed! Admitting that is a good first step. Now, instead of numb and running away from this depression (which is a form of stagnant energy) take some active steps to get rid of him forever. If not now, when? The following are some suggestions to increase vitality . . .

If you want to look younger and more vibrant I suggest spa masaje.
1. Eat healthy (listen to your body, not your emotions).
2. Your love unconditionally (if not – why would anyone else? ).
3. Spending time in nature (that fills you with positive energy, like good food).
4. Doing Yoga (is like an energetic change body oil).
5. Get a massage (the contraguo office energy trapped in your body – Yes, that’s a good reason! ).
6. Dance (Especially if its in your kitchen).
7. Avoid people and situations that your Drain Energy (practice makes perfect).
8. Put most of your attention on what you love.
This is what I suggest as a good fast track program.

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