Living With Asthma - A Brief Essay

As chronic asthma sufferer since childhood, I have tried most every treatment in the book. I exercised induced asthma, allergic reaction asthma and asthma induced by stress. From maintenance and rescue of all chronic asthma medications are familiar with, vaccines for allergies, chiropractic, aromatherapy, breathing exercises and others, all with little or no relief.

The exercise-induced asthma is probably the easiest to control. Know your limits, and follow your doctors advice. Some inhaler medications taken 10-15 minutes before exercise can help a lot, but do not overdo it. Stress is a little more difficult to control, but try to stay away from stressful situations, if that’s possible! But we find some relief in common sedative prescription. I’ll get the other type of asthma in a moment, but attacks that occur in the course of or under stress, can be effectively controlled by some asthmatics using special breathing techniques.

The third type, I find to be the most frightening, and is the most deadly, is allergy-induced asthma. Allergy testing your doctor’s office can help identify the most common allergens. Serum, and through a series of shots is made over a period of time, the body of increased immunity to allergens can be very useful for many people. The most effective way of immunities seem certain types of plants, trees and herbs. They are less effective for food and chemical allergies, both man and nature.

The treatments less effective, and that bothers me and a large percentage of the population of asthmatics are allergic to pets. It is not the skin that causes the problem, since most asthma do not think, but dandruff. Dandruff is microscopic skin flakes floating around in the air and ultimately established. Sort of like dandruff in people.

Cats seem to be the worst offenders, at least with dogs, but if I spend more than 10-15 minutes at a house even with a cat, and does not pump me with allergy to the medication, I’m doomed. I have to take two popular 24 hours a day allergy prescription drugs, one in the morning and evening. Twice the recommended dose. Even then, I still have to use my rescue inhaler 3-4 times as often as I usually do. Some asthmatics do not think it’s psychosomatic, but it’s really amazing to have a big problem in someone’s home, go home, take a shower and change clothes. It was fine for an hour or so. If I’m at home where no pets at all, I can go days without drug allergy.

It becomes a social issue at some point too. You are invited to a friend for dinner. I have to ask if they have a cat, as I am very allergic. Yes we do, but still very clean house, and I’ll keep it in the basement. In the meantime, dander everyone who is still in the air, furniture pads, your host on the clothes and hands. Need not be in the vicinity of the animal to be present. Of course I do not want to be rude to their hosts, but you all know needs to be aware of the fact that this condition can not kill people.

The issue of cleaning? Vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and fans will only move around and cause dandruff air again. There are some appliances and air cleaning components and filters to do a good job, but nothing is perfect. They will not eliminate dandruff clothing, carpets and furniture. The best prevention is just to stay away. The new spray for allergy carpets, furniture, and even the animal itself are only temporary solutions and I’m not sure if they work anyway. Oh, but it is a shorthaired cat.

I had to spend potentially good relations on animals, I inadvertently hurt feelings because of them, do not ask me to a friend’s house I said about the problem. But still I have a great social life with many friends, but let out, or come to my house.

The point of this is the education of the people around you and ways to partner with. Even meet someone new should know if you invite home. With a little tact, it is very easy to let people know without hurting his feelings. They should know the potential dangers of what they face every day, and not put in a position that makes him bad or uncomfortable. They tell you about all new medications that have heard of, and even hypoallergenic cats. But you know what? I’m perfectly fine without it.

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