Liquid vitamins are better than pills

More than half of the population of the United States use some type of vitamin or vitamin supplement ever day. Although they may take vitamins, most are unaware of the fact that nearly 95 of the nutrients found in the supplement are not adequately absorbed by the body, meaning they are virtually useless and most of its benefits are lost through excretion and elimination.

The fact is that most of all individuals who take vitamin supplements use the pill or tablet.
The tablets and capsules are thought to be the best, simply because they were the only game in town. Today, liquid vitamins are much more efficient and effective, and most people are realizing it.

The biggest reason most nutritional experts believe liquid vitamins are more effective than pills and tablets is the bioavailability due to their liquid base. With liquid vitamins are, they are more readily available and easier for the body to digest and absorbed in the digestive tract as well. Tablets and chewable tablets can pass through the body in hard form, making them difficult to digest. Liquid multivitamins are quickly passes through the stomach into the intestine where it is absorbed by your body faster and faster into force.

Optimal absorption is key when it comes to liquid multivitamins. Why use a liquid multi vitamin supplements, rather than pills? What if the pills do not digest at all times and passed, while the liquid is absorbed by the entire system.

Medical studies have shown that the pills and capsules are only 25 -40 absorption rate at the cellular level, while liquid nutritional exceed 90 uptake rate. In most cases your vitamins come in other flavors to appease the palate.

With pills or chewable vitamins, most of the nutrients and minerals contained in the vitamins are not normally broken down in the digestive system. Pills and tablets pressed hard on how cold the tax authority in the most crucial moments, when the body needs the most nutrients.

Unless mechanically chewing break the pill, vitamin will remain in its original form hard as it passes all the way through until you go to the bathroom. Obviously, if this happens, you might as well as your money down the drain is to throw because vitamin does not have the opportunity to get absorbed into the bloodstream.

In today’s high stress, it happened fast, fast food crazed society high quality liquid multivitamin is essential to offset the deficit of nutrients in our lifestyles. The change in shape of multivitamin liquid pill is happening now and the wave of the future for health care and vitamin supplements is liquid multivitamins.

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