How to overcome depression not being Father

I’m in the interpretation of dreams of a patient suffering from bipolar disorder and asked me to translate your dreams, although he had not read my ebook Prevention madness and she could not pay for professionals, private translation.

I am offering my readers to send me their dreams for free translation if they agree to let me publish his dreams and brief anonymous biography in the new ebook I’m preparing in order to show everyone in practice how dream interpretation according to the scientific method, really you can cure all mental illnesses.

I told him that I would help her in the same way, although he had not read my first book, and told him to read all my articles, reports and free ebooks: all he could, in order to learn and understand what was going on it, and to follow my explanations and translations.

What I tell you by looking at here is that the person’s parents pay an important role in the life of the person role. Therefore, if you are not inclined to be a parent, if you do not feel you can sacrifice his life in order to raise their children, if you are not sure it can be a very dedicated mother or father, please, never is a father!

You may believe to be a good mother and it will be good to have children, but if you are not so sure and if they are not willing to give their life for their children rather than focusing only on their own interests, you will be a criminal if you become a parent and your child will have a serious psychological problem caused by you in the future.

I’m really surprised to learn the history of the person suffering from a very severe type of bipolar depression that can easily turn into psychosis, especially because of their parents’ indifference and irresponsibility.

Therefore, I am writing this article today to tell you that if you are not willing to be a perfect parent, as it should be, should never dare to have children, and if you can not have children because it has some problems with his health, Perhaps This way you are saved from going through very sad experience and guilty to transform their children in child depression attempt suicide because of their mistakes.

To be a parent is a very serious issue. You just can not have children and let them grow as if they were wild animals in the jungle. Even wild animals protect their children when they are too young . . . You can not be an indifferent father and simply let their children live their lives without participating in them.

You have to follow everything and be around them all the time.

If you are not ready for such a sacrifice, they have no children.

If you think you are ready to sacrifice their lives for their children, but despite that are so ready for this mission can not have children because their health does not allow it, maybe you do not think things through very well, maybe tomorrow things will not be the way they are today, maybe your route would be too difficult and eventually would only suffer.

If you really want to be a father because I really love children, going to an orphanage with your spouse and be a mother to these kids.

If you are a good father and constantly visits the children and help them in every way you have the right to do many things with them and actually be their parents.

Do not be selfish and accept their fate without complaint, because you never know what life would be if you wish would happen and in the beginning you will be happy.

You do not know how things will become final.

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