How To Be A Great Hero - The End Self-Abuse

I constantly tell you that you have to control and stop your hurting your body, you have to fight the wild side of their conscience that is the imposition of this violent behavior in you, but I know that in reality you are not liable what is happening to you.

If your parents do not care about you, if you have experienced the suffering for any reason or for many reasons, especially if you are a victim of terror, it can not be blamed for feeling so desperate and hurt yourself. This is an expression of sheer desperation.

You are in fact a great victim of his parents, of our absurd society, and the global hypocrisy of the whole human race, because it is indifferent to what is totally wrong.

I know, but you have to react. You have to fight against this absurd tendency, because his own hands what we are doing is bad for you. However, there is a strange power that dominates your hands when you do against himself: an invisible force that wants to kill you and comes from the wild side of your conscience.

You may be a genius, but the beast does not allow . . . This is the great drama of human existence: the war between good and evil.

The beast is bad, violent animal. He wants blood. He lives to kill.

This beast is still alive within you. This is your free pre-historic. Not evolve like the human side of his brain.

It is alive and constantly bothering you and trying to destroy the human side of your conscience, in order to master.

Then, with the deceptions of his life, with all the horrors of this world, with all the indifference of everyone they face every day, the beast can really destroy your human side and dominate.

You have to fight him, besides being so depressed and feel so weak.

You have to forgive your parents and society, for they know not what they are actually doing. Everyone is constantly dominated by his wild side. That is why everyone is so indifferent to all the horrors of our life on Earth.

We could be happy, to live in peace, be geniuses . . .

However, everyone is a victim of the wild anti-conscience that life trying to destroy them.

Thus, instead of developing our consciousness, learn, solve all our problems and live happily, live suffering, dying alive, always afraid, sad, tired and without any hope to see something better in the future.

We know we can not change the world and just accept this hell, the road is.


Because the beast makes us accept what is absurd, in order to easily destroy our human side.

You have to be a great hero and overcome the absurd tendency of self-abuse, save humanity, save the planet and save the human spirit, if you want to do something really significant in his life.

Cheer up! You need that, having so much to do . . . and feel so terrible . . .

However, only with the courage and faith will overcome all obstacles and find peace.

Do you believe in God?

If you do not, you better to do, because I have shown in my madness Prevention ebook that wise unconscious mind that produces dreams is directed by God.

What is God? Simply, the only consciousness that exists managed to reach a very high level of development.

Imagine that humanity has today Cavemen mentality. God is the only one with a computer and know how to use the Internet, while others are virtually monkeys have not yet discovered electricity.

God is a higher consciousness that knows more and has created the unconscious mind in order to help our human conscience fight against our wild side.

So believe in God and pray when you have the urge to injure yourself, so that God can help you to stop and never do it again. If you are with Him, He will be with you.

If you do not like the idea of believing in God because he hated his religious education and who does not like religion in general, consider everything that displeases was created by the distortion of the human mind and human behavior in our world . Religiosity is more than distorted by all members of the existing religions . . .

Only a few souls in this world really know what religion and spirituality means . . .

Forget everything you learned about God as if he did not like what he has learned.

If you believe in God and religion, this is better. Continue after their religion, no matter which can be: all religions were created by the same God, in order to teach many different aspects of the complex reality of where we are.

With courage and faith, they are achieved be the great hero that has to be.

The wise unconscious mind will guide you in this way, showing both the dream messages all you have to do to succeed.

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