Get rid of Acne - are cosmetic products Your Enemy?

Anyone suffering from acne knows how difficult it can be to find cosmetics that are suitable for use with acne-prone skin. In some cases the use of cosmetics may be the only cause of a person acne. Fortunately, with a little research you can find friendship skin cosmetics are much less likely to cause problems with acne and pimples.

What to look out for when choosing cosmetics?

Lanolin is one of the most common oily substances found in a cosmetic that can cause problems with acne prone skin. Lanolin is basically a fat derived from wool sheep wool. It is used to promote smooth skin, but because of its ability to penetrate the skin also has the ability to cause acne. Lanolin can be found in a variety of cosmetics, creams and lotions and can be found in sunscreen.

Isopropyl Myristate is used in cosmetics are required to have properties of skin absorption. Scarily enough also used in rust remover! Isopropyl Myristate cosmetics helps to glide over the skin with a huge effect. This ingredient is very aggressive when trying to penetrate the skin and therefore is extremely aggravating and can cause breakouts.

There are many other ingredients in cosmetic products that are considered harmful by some, but the 2 mentioned above are common and specifically problematic when it comes to acne.

How to choose the best products for acne prone skin?

The aforementioned ingredients cause acne because they Comedogenic, which means that they can penetrate the skin and clog pores. When buying cosmetics to see products that are identified as non-comedogenic, these products do not clog pores and are less likely to irritate the skin.

Note that free oil cosmetics may not be suitable for acne prone skin. While cosmetic companies promote oil-free cosmetics as beneficial for acne sufferers, this may be somewhat disappointing. Some synthetic chemicals used in place of naturally occurring oils can be most aggravating skin and lead to worse breakouts.

For many people, finding cosmetics is, unfortunately, on trial and error. Even products made specifically for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin can cause break outs. The best guide is to stick to products non-comedogenic, try several and find one that you like. Do not overload your skin with multiple products, but concentrate on the use of cosmetics balanced moderation.

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