Effects of nicotine in your body

Nicotine is an alkaloid (a chemical with the nitrogen atoms) that is released when the snuff is burned. The reason why you can not quit smoking is that nicotine is addictive. You probably wake up every morning and all I can think is Where leave my lighter? This craving for nicotine is due to your body to get a job and feeling comfortable with a high level of nicotine.

The effects of nicotine in the body, except for its addictive properties, are not a big health hazard. This is why nicotine pills and patches are so famous. Yes, nicotine is part of the reason why you can not quit, along with the whole process of smoking is a habit, but it is not what kills thousands of Americans each week. This is what makes – tar (associated with tumor development), carbon monoxide (reduces the amount of oxygen that is supposed to reach your brain, muscles, heart and organs), hydrogen cyanide (lung damage ), free radicals (damage your hearing – accumulate fat in the walls of your arteries) and carcinogens (cause cancer).

So why can not we just inject ourselves with nicotine and decreased ccontradad injected until no more depend on it? – Since smoking has become a habit and it may not be emotionally ready to quit. You have come to rely on it whenever you are stressed, excited, or experiencing any other strong emotion. A good site that will help you prepare and actually quitting is the Quit Smoking Tips. You will find that the methods they use you get ready to quit and help you get through the process of detoxification.

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