Eczema Treatments - the most common List Triggers Eczema (information Really Should Know That) - Part I

When you or your baby has eczema, and you want to avoid outbreaks the first to do it is keep your skin or your wet baby. After hydration, then you want to be aware of some of the most common triggers eczema. Once you have this information, you can avoid the practice these things and you should be fine after that.

Soaps and bath additives can be a problem for people with eczema. The main problems with them are the colors and aromas are added to them. Coloring and fragrances are very sensitive to corrupt the skin.

You want to avoid:


Harsh soaps that have perfumes and fragrances added

Bath products containing fragrances

What you can do is just use soap on the body parts that you absolutely need. Another approach is to use a shower gel instead of soap and shower gels, they have been used by some who suffer from eczema without leading to a reaction.

Perfumes – contain fragrances that are bad for the sensitive skin.

Cosmetic products containing alcohol – the problem with alcohol (isopropyl and propyl) dehydrate the skin. Once the skin is dry is very easy for the itch-scratch-itch to start the cycle.

Lotions can irritate sensitive skin – lotions are often water-based and Eczema Treatments or contain lanolin. Lanolin itself is very dangerous for sensitive skin, and water-based lotions are easily evaporated and pull moisture from the skin as it evaporates. This makes the skin dry and susceptible to itching. When buying cosmetics and hygiene products should read the ingredients list contains lanolin and if you did not know to use.

Detergents and softeners – these are common triggers. If not using a detergent that is conditioned for people with eczema, you want to make sure they are properly cleared. This means that if you are using a washing machine you want to run through the rinse cycle clothing repeatedly.

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