Eating disorder With Depression

Depression bothers you in many ways. their work, their daily activities, your concentration and your appetite is also disturbed. Depression has a lot to do with food as one of the common disorders that occur in a depressed person is eating disorder.
It occurs due to lack of appetite in depressed people. Studies have shown that the chances of depression that occur in people suffering from eating disorder are more than one third to one half percent. Similarly if a person suffers from eating disorder after the same person you may also develop depression. There are mainly three types of eating disorders are:

1. Anorexia Nervosa

2. Bulimia Nervosa

3. Binge

Each type of eating disorder has different symptoms, the symptoms vary from person to person. But the most common symptoms that people in general are presented, stress, mental health, disease, social unrest, etc. The symptoms are not serious and can be treated, if not treated in time then can cause severe physical or emotional problems.

Nervious anorexia

People suffering from this type of eating disorder often feel as if they will become fat. This is the reasonable fear that people who suffer from anorexia have not cure to lose weight or diet. A suitable treatment is necessary in this disorder. if left untreated it can cause serious physical problems such as malnutrition, menstrual problems in women, and can also cause death.

Bulimia nervosa

People who suffer from this type of eating disorder eat normally found in high frequency ccontradad or called binging and purging (Puking, too much exercise or laxative use). Apart from this depression too gain weight and stress are some causes of the disorder bulimia. To ease the general stress out people eat too much and soon realize that they have overeaten, for relief to see that the methods that can help them puke out to eat more food, puking methods result in more problems as, dehydration, stomach pain or cramps and electrolyte imbalances that harm the functioning of the nerve.


People who suffer from this disorder often are eating too fast. They feel out of control while eating. They are always concerned about their food and often hide the reach of others. Often the patients are in a depressed state of mind due to free guiltiness and disgust. Binge eating is very unhealthy. The main causes of hunger are fatigue, high blood pressure, heart pain and joint pain, etc.

As with depression is women who suffer from eating disorder. The biggest reason for women suffering from eating disorder is the inadequate diet for thin and beautiful. In the process of becoming simple and beautiful women tend to diet much. Excess diets develop depression, stress, anxiety and eating disorder. Always consult with specialists if you are suffering from eating disorders or depression or any other health problem to live a healthy happy life.

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