Eat Foods For Weight Loss - Its Not What You Think!

When you think of foods to eat to lose weight, you can think of Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, celery sticks and lettuce leaves. We have all been caught in weight loss programs, and trained to believe that in order to lose weight we have to cut calories. What a pack of lies!

Total calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, proteins – can not count them anymore.
I’ll tell you about a simple way to lose weight – no kidding. There are some foods that cause your body to burn fat, and also the list of some of these for you.

Eat to Lose Weight

Fruit – in particular pectin containing fruits, excellent fat burner.

Vegetables – All vegetables are good, but limit frying as a method of cooking.


Whole grain pasta, bread and cereals.

Green beans – Brown, white and red beans are great for metabolism.

Spices like garlic, ginger, red pepper and cinnamon used in cooking.

Olive oil and sesame oil.

Green Tea

Dairy products – yogurt, milk and low-fat cheese, contain calcium, which is also great for burning calories – especially around your waist
These are just some of the foods to eat to lose weight. Adding these foods to your list not only train your body to burn fat and calories, improve your health dramatically.

Now, back to counting calories – forget it! The easiest way to lose weight is to combine foods properly. Equal distribution of calories from protein, fat, carbohydrates and is what matters. Eat smaller meals and eat more often also causes rapid weight loss.

Cut back on processed foods and snacks, which is easy to do when you smaller portions more often. You will not experience intense hunger you, when you only eat 3 meals a day. Drink lots of water and green tea, and you will soon realize that you are losing weight with ease!

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