Early Intervention Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disease of the neuro-muscular system that has challenged health professionals long worldwide. Current treatment options or the absence of any treatment for most families dealing with early detection of this disease can be very frustrating. In most cases, a child diagnosed with scoliosis said he and the medical team will monitor to see if it gets worse.
This would be similar to having a doctor that you have a very progressive cancer, but will wait until spreads before we can do anything for you. Statistically, scoliosis is progressive in most cases.

So where does this leave a child and his family with early detection? The approach of general practice is to wait until the curve reaches 25 degrees at which the orthopedic specialist will recommend orthotics. The most common form of the straps is a hard corset takes on average 22 hours a day until skeletal maturity or until the curve 40 degrees contracipos then push surgery.

What they do not say is that once it reaches 25 degrees curve progression probability is 68, even with braces attempts. So, that leaves nearly 70 families with a progressive disease that ends with surgery, surgery very invasive surgical important ramifications post. I do not know about you, but if my daughter was offered this solution as the only option, I would be very frustrated, scared, disappointed and in our health system to not reach a better alternative to effectively combat scoliosis and other ensuring that surgery.

Physicians involved in Clear-Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for scoliosis have developed a system that can reduce and stabilize strapless or scoliosis surgery. In fact, in most cases treated for scoliosis clear methodology have been the result of surgery or family not want ensuring that attempts have failed. This means a huge portion of scoliosis cases have been reduced and stabilized by clear protocols have been above the level of 40 degrees. The reason for this is a profound discovery is because the program was originally designed to correct scoliosis. Meaning have generally above 30 degrees Cobb angle and correct to the ideal level of 5 degrees or less scoliosis. The problem is that most cases of more than 30 degrees have not corrected this ideal range 5 degrees or less. Now this is not at all a failure because a consistent non-surgical method has the ability to reduce and stabilize this highly progressive disease. This tremendous achievement is likely to revolutionalize treatment for this disease. It is also considered a major achievement if we can stop the progression, much less reduce measurement curve without using braces, casting, or surgery. The average reduction curves over 30 degrees in most clinics certified Clear is 30-50 with a good rate stabilization.

I am writing this article in an effort to inform families with early detection of scoliosis can be proactive. The status quo to watch and wait for the inevitable train wreck is no longer your only option. Clear-The Institute has developed a scoliosis treatment option that is ideal for curves less than 30 degrees. The reason for the lack of a complete correction curves over 30 degrees is due to the inherent nature of scoliosis as a feed mechanism for transferring funds. Sense once the curve progresses to 30 or higher, the crankshaft phenomenon kicks, which creates enormous rotation with lateral flexion and compression. This phenomenon is very difficult to undo. When you reach the curve of 30 degrees mark, the possibility that a curve progresses skyrocketed. This is also why a curve of 50 degrees can be reduced to 30 using the clear method, which is fantastic, but scoliosis is still alive. It has not been fully corrected and therefore has the innate potential of wanting to continue growing.

By attacking scoliosis before it gets to this central point of 30 degrees that can totally correct scoliosis. We are able to reduce an ideal curve of 5 degrees or less, thus defeating the disease and not only that domestication. Imagine having the opportunity to solve the problem before it spirals out of control gives you the freedom to go about their lives without having to constantly worry about what scoliosis is doing or what will become. The program Clear scoliosis can and will become the first line of defense against childhood scoliosis. Sometime medical Clear provide this technology to their communities will be the standard recommendation for children diagnosed with scoliosis. We have the potential to be the cure, but should from a solid program of early and referral to appropriate treatment facility rather than a watch and wait collective that is contracuado and dangerous detection.

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