Depression As A Disability

Depression is a serious mental illness and affects nearly a million worldwide each year. It is common for news in newspapers or on television about suicide rates due to depression is increasing every year. Depression is a mental disability that affects almost all daily activities of the patient.
Feelings of sadness and hopelessness are one of the first symptoms. It is believed that people with disabilities are more likely to suffer from depression. The reason could be the new face daily challenges and stress due to these problems. Another thing that is important to know is that not all depressed people off, that depends individually. A positive thinker never get in depressed compared to a negative thinker.

Depression in people with disabilities

Only 2 out of 10 people with disabilities suffer from depression. The biggest reason to disqualify people suffer from depression is the day to day challenges they face. The risk of depression becomes enormous if they are unable to perform certain tasks because of depression. However, you must disable people are still positive towards the everyday challenges the mind, because the risks of these people to suffer from depression is almost negligible. The following are some of the reasons because they disable a depressed person can get:

It is hard for disabled to perform their everyday activities such as shopping, etc, which are struggling to move out without the help of wheelchairs or other support tasks. They are a little slower than normal people, therefore they could get depressed. Unemployment is also another reason for the depressed state to disabled. All companies and organization for a job at a fast pace because a normal person who can do a job at a fast pace is selected compared with a disabled person. As a result of a disabled person finds himself as a person who discriminates, this can lead to depression. Disability becomes a big problem if you want to take part in social activities. Want to be part of society, but because of barriers of disability, you feel shy or hesitant, it can also lead to serious depression. Health is also one of the reasons why disabled people to get depressed. It is common for a person with disabilities suffer from health problems, but there are some people who are off health problems, and they need to go to the health clinic daily health check. People with disabilities are unable to go to the clinic on their own, and each time to find someone to take them to the clinic. Disabled people usually feel helpless in this situation and begin to feel useless and helpless more often because the odds of depression in them become stronger.

If you are disabled and want to get rid of depression, to have positive mind, you need to realize that there are some things that are not for you or for any other normal human being. Just live your life the way it comes. Do not worry about the rest of the world.

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