Depression and Anxiety - How they are related?

Depression is the most common mental disorders seen in humans. It is a state of mind when you feel deeply hurt, sad and emotionally touched in his heart. Whether young or old, all age groups into the chains of this mental disorder.
As with depression, anxiety is a mental disorder. A mood when you want to do things faster, regardless to normal. You can see the signs as the sweat on his body, dizziness and occasional chest pain depending on the status of the disorder. While the effects of anxiety are mostly negative for everyone involved, the positives should not be excluded. One of these is the performance that in some cases almost double their achievements. It is full of positive energy to you to complete your task fairly quickly. But severe forms of anxiety disorder is very dangerous for you and others associated with you. You can make decisions very quickly without much attention, thinking about the possible consequences of their actions.

Depression and anxiety, both are linked tightly together. The observations show that patients suffering from depression have a probability of 70-80 percent chance of having anxiety as well and vice versa as well. Both are commonly observed in young or teenagers. The reason may be the drug, the highlands at night, poor sleep and inadequate reactions to stressful situations. These mental disorders to the age groups and the signs of depression are not limited and anxiety baby can be found among children and older citizens.

Depression can lead to problems such as sleeping more, despair, regret, sorrow, etc. Mental breakdowns you become a home from negative thoughts, life becomes miserable. The biggest reason for depression is the hope of results. Sometimes we have so much involved in achieving goals and dreams we have created too high, forgetting our environment. For whatever reason if you do not have success in achieving expected results depressed. The conditions sometimes become very deadly, since there are cases of suicide, which at its core is nothing but complete loss of control over life oneselves.

Conditions become very devastating when these two are produced in a combination. His personal relations, public relations, relations office and all other social relations get upset. If you do not take evasive action against it can then be even more dangerous, you have more control of your mind and the chance of becoming the highest suicide attempts. Consulting assistance on an individual basis in these cases is always a wise decision to avoid potential health risks.

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