Create This Simple Journal Blood Pressure

Track high or low blood pressure on a daily basis and maintaining a simple record of blood pressure is an excellent way to protect the results of an abnormal blood pressure. Numbers can be used to draw a graph showing how the ranges over a period of time. You can control your own blood pressure at home with a home surveillance unit available in most pharmacies.
Keep a chart of your readings and bring it to your doctor’s office for your next visit.

You should make a chart with the following columns.

Date: – Of course, this is the date on which blood pressure was taken.

Time: – It is important to take your blood pressure at least twice a day. Be sure to include AM or PM.

Systolic: – This is the top and reading is usually greater than the bottom reading. You want this number to less than 120.

Diastolic: – This is the lowest reading and is typically smaller than the top of reading. You should keep this figure below 80.

Pulse: – Records the number of beats for a period of 60 seconds if the monitor does not provide this information. Be sure to let the doctor know the time frame for this measure.

Comments: – You must indicate how you felt (if not feeling well), how long has it been since you ate, etc.

This box should be kept for a minimum of one week. You must wait at least 30 minutes after eating before taking your readings. You should also wait about 2 hours if there was caffeine in your food. Caffeine has a tendency to cause your pressure to be slightly higher for a short period. You must also wait at least 30 minutes after a stressful situation before taking a reading.

If you or your doctor suspects that you may have high blood pressure should perform this simple task to create a record. From this record to your doctor you can determine what steps you need to take to lower blood pressure.

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