Coping With Pregnancy - Induced Hypertension

High blood pressure is a condition that can affect all of us, including a growing number of young people who are developing today. It is often related to lifestyle and stress, but this is not always the case. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about hypertension is that it can lead to many other serious health problems such as heart disease, kidney disease and vision problems.

Women are particularly susceptible to high blood pressure during pregnancy and this is an especially dangerous to have time. It can develop either through external stress and physical demands committing a child. Whatever the cause, pregnancy-induced hypertension must be carefully monitored as about 5 cases become preeclampsia, a dangerous condition. Women in their first pregnancy are more susceptible to preeclampsia and women who became pregnant after in their thirties or early forties are.

Stress plays an important role in high blood pressure and this complicates the pregnancy is important because it is often a very stressful time. Apart from that, many women feel guilty for feeling stressed (pregnancy should be a wonderful experience, if not? ) And that only adds to your stress. But the blame is Hipertensión Stress has to be accepted as part of life, especially during pregnancy.

But how you must face if you are an expectant mother with severe stress? Medication is the last thing you want at this time, except as a last resort. Yoga and exercise are good but can take up much time – time that is especially rare in pregnancy and continues to work as many women do. And many other forms of relaxation feel great at the moment but do not produce lasting results.

Probably the best stress reduction technique for pregnant women is something called slow breathing. Low rhythmic breathing and is especially good because it relieves the mother and baby, something that other relaxation methods are not capable of doing. And because it requires only 15 minutes a day – even a few minutes can be helpful – slow breathing is part of a future mother of the tight schedule.

How is it different breathing slowly from other forms of relaxation? Most stress reduction techniques such as listening to relaxation tapes and meditation are passive. Low breathing is active and opens and blood vessels by relaxing the muscles in the diaphragm. In fact, it is clinically proven to reduce high blood pressure and thus the effects are not temporary.

You can increase the effects, and enjoyment, slow breathing adding soothing music. Music is another thing with the therapeutic benefits of their own, again for both mother and child. Studies have shown that the fetus in the womb can hear and respond to the music. We simply can not know if you like the Beatles or the Stones!

The right kind of slow tempo music is very relaxing and has shown to lower blood pressure. In the case of music alone effects are usually temporary, but when combined with the slow breathing this is a powerful technique indeed.

Low breathing with music is a very effective method to relieve stress during pregnancy and pregnant women be pleased to know that this is 100 safe and natural.

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