Cleaning Acne Naturally With A Full Understanding of the Cause

In this article we will look at several important points about acne and will end with an excellent understanding of the causes of acne and how to handle it.

The misunderstood Cause of Acne

There are many theories about what causes acne, but most are either Incorrectoincompleta. For example, dermatologists recognize that hair follicles are blocked with sebum (oil) and this is mixed with the bacteria that cause acne.
But they do not understand how that becomes the sebum that blocks the hair follicle. And they do not understand the full cause of acne.

And if they do not understand the cause of acne FULL, how can they give their patients a complete cure?

The big question is how the hair follicle are blocked with sebum? And this is a normal thing to happen?

The answer is that something happens on a hormonal level leading to the accumulation of excess sebum. And no, it is not normal that this happens.

The hormones in your body have two general characteristics. They can be inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. This is a new area of health research and is very exciting because it provides a way to clear up acne naturally.

The basic principle is that if you have too little inflammatory hormones and anti-inflammatory hormones are the consequences of inflammation of body cells. If this is still up more this inflammation can occur at larger areas of the body. And this is what happens just before acne occurs.

The hair follicle becomes inflamed and sebaceous glands which are closely linked to the follicle produce too much sebum (oil). And then the resulting excess sebum mixes with bacteria on the skin and cause a burst of inflammation that can look like acne.

To stop acne get you have to reduce levels of inflammatory hormones and increase their levels of anti-inflammatory hormone. This will stop the inflammation of the hair follicle and excess sebum production. No excess sebum acne can not occur. It is a completely natural way to clear your acne and can be done mainly with diet modifications.

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