Causes and Ayurvedic Cures For Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disease characterized by difficulty breathing. It is a chronic disease that affects the lungs, characterized by inflammation in the airways. The most visible signs are cough with difficulty, chest tightness and difficulty breathing general.

Asthma episodes can sometimes be mild, but can sometimes be fatal. It is always a difficult time for people close to seeing the difficulty breathing of infected person.

There are several factors that cause asthma. Stress, dust, smoke, cold air, climate change, etc quickly cause asthma episodes. Genetic reasons may contribute to asthma.

According to Ayurveda, asthma condition is closely linked to poor digestion and difficulties in the digestive system. Difficulty in proper disposal of wastes causes digestive accumulate in the respiratory tract, resulting in inflammation. Thus we can conclude that Ayurvedic theory of asthma is directly related to stomach problems.

Therefore asthma treatment begins with abnormalities in the digestive system. The main objective is to clean out accumulated in the digestive tract to facilitate respiratory assistance impurities.

The toxin substances normally in contact with sensitive epithelial lining of wind pipe or trachea.

The natural course of action is to make some adjustments to diet and treatment of any digestive problems. Keep tab on your diet also helps. Some foods aggravate asthma. Avoid these foods. It is not always possible to keep away from unfavorable weather.

Avoid stress completely. Identify the reasons for stress. It will help you manage asthma further.

Ayurvedic daily routine, based on Ayurvedic herbs, etc combinations can help an asthma treatment. Ayurvedic massages and deep cleansing therapies like panchakarma offer good results in fighting asthma efforts.

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