Can a leader without treating depression to madness?

Depression is a very common illness or mental disorder. So many people worldwide suffer from depression each year. Depression affects you in many ways, sadness, difficulty sleeping, weight loss, loss of energy and social isolation are some of the common symptoms of depression.
Depression can be mild to severe, depending on the symptoms. Proper treatment is needed to get rid of depression, such as untreated depression can cause adverse effects. These are some of the effects:
1. Problems in their routine work at home or in your workplace, because you can lose your job.
2. It can ruin your relationship with your loved ones, the divorce rate because of depression are becoming high.
3. Causes physical problems such as stomach pain and headache.
4. Sleep deprivation or insomnia sleep disorder as a result of experiences that suffers the loss of energy every day all over, irritation, difficulty concentrating, early wake ups, disrupted sleep, difficulty down to sleep, etc.
5. Alcohol and drug abuse is also very common, the effects of alcohol and drugs are regular fights at home, memory loss, and the most dangerous is the severity of depression.
6. Suicide attempts are why untreated depression, suicides have been reported many times because of the severity of depression, which has every chance to become serious with the passage of time.
7. Causes to address health diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, etc. , because depressed patients do not follow the proper procedure of healing as a result of which it becomes deadly dangerous to deal health disease. The death of heart patients within a few months after a heart attack has been noticed.

Untreated depression can lead to madness. Clinical or manic-depression or chronic depression is the most dangerous types of depression. If adequate treatment is not requested or is left untreated it can lead to madness. It is very important to seek help from specialists when you notice that you or someone in your family or friends is suffering from manic depression. Manic depression symptoms depresion Severe insomnia, increased energy, unacceptable social behavior, inability to make wise decisions, Fast loud speech, racing thoughts, increased sexual desire offensive, etc
If you find any of these symptoms you need to be alert and seek help if ignore these symptoms, these symptoms become more severe and puts you in a state of madness. Manic depression is very treatable if proper treatment is the technique followed. The number of treatment methods are available for depression as psychotherapy, medication, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), etc. Psychotherapy methods are the best methods to override manic depression. Another very good method of treatment is ECT is more reliable method of treatment for alleviating depression. Consult your family doctor or specialist for the correct treatment plan.

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