Benzoyl Peroxide is Ineffective For Severe Acne?

Before we start I’ll give my own definition of severe acne. My definition of it nodular or cystic acne. Both of which are very severe cases of acne.
Benzoyl peroxide is always highly recommended for acne treatment. But what is useless standing against the almighty cystic acne? We’ll see.

Has shown tremendous results for many patients with mild acne (blackheads and whiteheads with), but for many cases of severe acne problem seems to be ineffective.

Benzoyl peroxide alone will not cure your severe acne. You need a higher level of treatment as topical antibiotics or Accutane to treat their severe acne problem effectively. Let me explain, topical treatment addresses only the external effects of their acne, does not prevent your acne and not addressing your acne problem rooted. Acne bacteria are killed in the wounds (the external) and clogged pores unclogged (also externally). Without addressing the problem from birth, benzoyl peroxide does not cure acne.

Hence the only way (Yes, the only way) to treat severe acne, is that within treatment, also known as internal treatment. You need something to deal with your acne problem right from birth, which is inside your body, and only then can stabilize their condition severe acne. If you are able to control your acne condition, topical treatment can be effectively used to treat your acne sores.

What I conclude is that benzoyl peroxide is rather ineffective against serious forms of acne cases. Not always depend on it, or any other topical treatment for severe acne problem, ie if you do not want to be disappointed. However, you can use for severe acne treatment to reduce injury swolleness acne, but ccontradad applied to a lesser extent. Benzoyl peroxide has the same side effects, since most of the high level of treatment, Accutane as acne, which is skin irritation. Thus, using only worsen your skin condition.

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