Auriculotherapy Stop Smoking

In the health sector, the term auriculotherapy ‘can also be seen as auricular therapy. Auriculotherapy by Dr. Paul Nogier, a neurologist was developed in the 1940s in France.
It is a hybrid medical system used to reduce stress, allowing the body to relax and increase circulation. It works on the traditional principle of acupuncture and acupressure using medical science today. It is a non invasive treatment that has been used for years to treat nicotine addiction. Auriculotherapy is a safe and effective treatment accepted by the World Health Organization and FDA approved.

Smoking is harmful and addictive habit that lead to ill health and premature death. A few people who realize this, try to get rid of smoking. Those who wish to withdraw snuff addiction can choose auriculotherapy, which has the ability to correct the flow of energy between points called meridians. It is an easy and painless treatment used to balance and normalize psychological functions. Studies have shown that this method is seven times more powerful than other methods used to stop smoking.

To detect the meridians, a micro-invasive stimulation device not recommended by the ACI (Auriculotherapy Certification Institute) is used to stimulate the outer surface of the ears. Depending on the different parts of the ear, auriculotherapy practitioner uses different patterns specific frequency. Normally, the process of auriculotherapy in 30 minutes to an hour to trigger the release of endorphins, a natural substance. This eliminates the symptoms of nicotine cravings and treatment works well for users cigarette after a few follow-up visits. If the treatment plan is strictly followed, auriculotherapy treatment will have a success rate of 80.

In almost all cases, those undergoing treatment auriculotherapy reported no side effects. The treatment is beneficial to the extent that frees you from the harmful addiction and allows healthy lifestyle. If you need a doctor to quit auriculotherapy, select one that is well experienced in this field

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