Anxiety Panic Attacks - Are You A Misfit?

My husband wanted me to see a doctor. However, I was under the belief that only crazy people went to psychiatrists. Therefore, it is resisted as long as I could.
Then one day, an article in a magazine caught my attention. He spoke of anxiety and anxiety attacks says its quiet a common problem in this day and time. That changed my point of view and agree to meet a psychiatrist. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not jack alternative drug in place that used internal resources.

When anxiety suffering from panic attacks often I’ve found that there was a sense of claustrophobia, not only of small enclosed spaces in which it occurred even in large crowds. I feel as if I was going to faint. Of course, I never realized I was having panic attacks, all I figured I was too tired or something. There are other times that I felt like I could not breathe or I’m drowning, I’d even some of the episodes of this type, while laying lying in bed just before falling asleep.

Suffering through panic attacks are not fun. I remember one extreme fear and fear of the unknown, a fear that something bad would happen to me. My heart will begin to hammer as burst or as I was about to have a heart attack. I began to distrust others because I thought it was me or were to get me, always reading something that does not even exist. Control became a problem for me, because I felt like I lost control of everything, my whole life was just spinning out of me and there was nothing he could do about it.

Other symptoms I have found are really panic attack symptoms and no hormonal or related diseases as I had originally thought were cold and hot flashes. There were times I’d really like out in profuse sweating and extreme chills have to go with him.
There was a time when I was so bad that I started thinking I was going to die. What of all the other symptoms shown by the pounding heart, difficulty breathing and choking I knew it was just my time.

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