Analogy of a Multivitamin - What should I choose?

Here is a brief humorous statement for you to chew on:

Half the country (probably much more) is nearly overweight and obesity. I’m living in Michigan and I think we fit the worst in the United States . .

. the depressing way. The worst thing is that there are a ton of vitamins we need to put in our bodies every day that just are not getting.

Suplementos naturales rewind . . . we are in great excess and then at the same time we are seeing vitamin deficiencies? What’s going on people? Here are a few we lack vitamins:

1) Calcium

2) folic acid

3) Iron

4) Vitamin D

No matter how well we are trying to eat, it’s always a good idea to combat these unpleasant facts of supplementing our diet with a good multivitamin.

So now the hard part sets in. .

How to choose a good multivitamin will provide the nutrients my body needs to keep running like well-oiled machine is?

Maybe he not says exactly because that’s just my own feet well, but you get the point.

Here are a couple of short and sweet tips to optimize your multivitamin candidate field:
1) Forget the Suplementos naturales They do not go for something over-states the benefits . . . a real multivitamin will not claim to cure osteoporosis . . . although it would be nice if they had made certain . . . Suplementos naturales next question.
2) Go with a brand recognition, whether it is a nationally known company, you are more likely to be OK. Check out the stats manufacturer . . . if you have the USP seal label, then you can be sure it has inspected the quality of their ingredients by a nonprofit organization called Pharmacopeia (I belieeeve).
3) Check out the vitamin ingredients and Suplementos naturales you need to find a suitable ccontradad of vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, A, B6, B12, C, D, E, zinc, chromium, selenium, vitamin K, and folic acid. Make sure there is a decent ccontradad of each vitamin in the formula and be careful not water-soluble vitamins (eg, B3 and B5); those that tend to accumulate in your system and are more difficult to excrete.
4) Be aware that too much is not always better, I talked about not only water-soluble vitamins in 3. Some of the B vitamins, zinc, magnesium complex and can accumulate in your system if taken in excess and cause problems down the road, such as kidney stones.
5) Remember that your body is unique, we are all different facts and should look to these guidelines as guidelines . . . everyone has different needs and must adjust their intake levels depending on the age, health and gender. Example: Men need more zinc and fatty acids that younger women and women need more iron than men or older women . . . Gah, confusing . . . I know, I know . . . bear with Suplementos naturales This wrapping up a bit.

Whatever your reason to take a multivitamin (and everyone should take a multivitamin at least every two days), we do not expect it to be the cure for AIDS, colds, cancer, etc. . Multivitamins are part of a balanced diet to stay healthy in the long term and are not miracle pills that will take you to the Mecca of perfect health . . . it takes time and consistency to balance a strong body and a multivitamin is only one piece of the larger puzzle . . .
. . . For more pieces of the puzzle, Nuevo stay on the blog and see previous posts . . . you can not wait to see as strong and healthy!

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