Classified anxiety

The origin of panic attacks and anxiety

Today most immediate dangers our Stone Age ancestors experienced no longer exist. You can imagine that as soon as he came out of his cave your heart rate is likely to increase in anticipation of danger, like a wild animal or rival tribe lurking nearby.

As human stone age probably survived by being able to react quickly to any sign of a threat to its existence.
His physical you get ready to run or fight reaction would have been an immediate release of adrenaline. His heartbeat increased, his breathing became short, Tenser muscles and increase their point of view more attention to a wide extent. You may have also started to sweat and blood had been pumped out of your digestive system.

Unconscious anxiety and panic reactions

All these reactions are useful at the time. Unfortunately, some people still have the same kind of reaction to perceived danger rather than actual danger. Obviously they know they do not need to be prepared to run or fight, but have uncontrollable and unconscious response to something that is presented to them.

Panic attacks in elevators, airplanes, trains and Oratory

That something could be riding on a train, a plane or in an elevator. It could be thought of having to do some public speaking, such as speaking in a meeting at work, or the best human intervention. It could be a reaction to seeing a spider or any of the 1000 or more types of phobias.

Indeed, they have the same reaction as the Stone Age, but the man does not face the same danger. This seemingly illogical reaction is often classified as an anxiety attack or panic attack. When someone experiences such an unpleasant reaction that can undermine the confidence of the person.

Fear of Fear

After this you can develop a fear or fear of it happening again. Indeed, reaching a fear where fear stage. This can lead to a withdrawal from doing certain things or go places just in case you experience fear. The most popular tactic used by someone suffering with panic attacks or anxiety is avoidance tactics.

Unfortunately avoid provides only temporary relief and also begins to limit the life of the person. Without help, some people find that, then develop panic and anxiety associated with other situations and environments. Indeed, the range of stimuli that trigger panic increases.

Solve panic, anxiety and fears before

The faster front of an anxiety or panic reaction better for you and the less likely they will increase. You can regain your confidence and extend the contract rather than what you do with your life.

Hypnosis, bank transfer and panic and anxiety attacks

Among the therapies that are most often used for panic and anxiety attacks are hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Both of these therapies are considered short therapies and help reduce their fear suffering and fears and regain their confidence.

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