Arbustos y matorrales choices

There are hundreds of flowering shrubs, however during the selection of flowering plants must consider many aspects. The first is to select plants that are in the local variety, which has fewer maintenance problems. Also, you can choose different flowering plants blooming season.
This will provide a bloom of a year in your garden, and make the whole year colorful display. Here is a list of the best flowering shrubs and bushes that you can consider.

Dawn Forsythias

If you are looking for beautiful shrub with yellow flowers on the ground as borders, then forsythia dawn are a great choice. It is a deciduous shrub that gets its bright yellow flowers of spring before the foliage These shrubs need a sunny site and well drained soil. These shrubs display a purple fall leaves.

Japanese Flowering Dogwood

Japanese flowering dogwood has a multicolored mosaic in its bark. This plant will be small flowers yellow-green color, which are surrounded by white bracts in late spring and early summer. These dogwood flower bracts around last week, and will last until mid-summer. During the fall seasons, the fruits matured bright red coral, which look like mini underwater mines and foliage shade of red is dark before falling.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are very hardy plants that can tolerate cold and frost conditions, and are able to recover from heavy pruning. These shrubs have beautiful flowers and exotic flowers fragrant leaves vibrant colors. These spring flowering shrubs because their nectar filed flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other beneficial insects.

Summer Hydrangea Shrubs

This is one of the most popular choices of flowering shrubs. These shrubs need moist soil shaded good. You can plant in acid soils and grow bright blue flowers, or plant them in alkaline soils and enjoy bright pink flowers growing in those bushes. Or switch down and enjoy the colors of blue hydrangeas and roses together.


These are popular flowering shrubs that produce fragrant flowers. The flowers of lilac bush arrive every last spring for a month or so, and then get to see the bright green foliage in the rounded plants that are good for screening. The lilac flowers growers produce yellow, white, pink or blue.


Rosales are very attractive, and produce different flower colors of the flowers are exotic fragrance. There are different sizes and colors of rose varieties. You can pick red roses qualifiers, which produce large roses that have beautiful fragrance.

American Hornbeam

This tree belongs to the genus Carpinus. This tree is also called blue beech and musclewood, and is a small tree reaching a height of 20 meters. Produce flowers bright green light during winter and fall.

Plumeria tree

Plumeria trees are strong and easy to care for. There are different species of plumeria, which provide a variety of colors. Plumeria flowers has beautiful rich odor can be planted white flowers plumeria plants common or common red flowers and enjoy the exotic plumeria flowers of the plant during the season.

Flowering quince

These are deciduous shrubs and bushes, which have a moderate growth rate. Get It bright flowers that are round in shape. The double flowers of this shrub get a variety of colors like red, ink, black and scarlet. The flowers emerge during the season from late winter to early spring.

Therefore, make a selection of some flowering shrubs, and plant them in an appropriate provision in its landscape. Take care needs watering, pruning and other individual plants, and you will be rewarded with beautiful flowers of the season.

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