Anxiety techniques

Social anxiety disorder can be overwhelming to say the least. People with this disorder are often trapped by the symptoms of the disease. Some have such serious cases that rarely leave their homes or interact with others.
This need not be the case though.

Medication and psychotherapy, or talk therapy are by far the most common methods of treatment. However, breathing techniques, often overlooked, it can also be extremely effective in the social assistance who have anxiety disorder deal.

One of the best breathing techniques that can provide relief is a technique called cleansing breath technique. It is very simple to learn and can be used discreetly in almost any environment. You can use the air clean technique of slow breath and silently count to ten as you inhale. Then proceed to hold the air in your lungs to have ten. When finished, and exhale slowly counting ten again as you exhale. If you do this three or four times you will notice that your heart rate slow and you will begin to feel more relaxed. This technique is certainly not a cure-all but it has proven effective. Many social anxiety disorder sufferers using this technique before participating in an event that causes stress, such as public speaking or a job interview.

Another breathing technique that can provide relief is called power breathing. This technique is best done in private. The power breathing takes off the palms of your hands on your lower abdomen and breathe deeply as strained his lower stomach muscles. In other words, as you breathe in consciously push your stomach muscles. Then release the breath and pull the muscles in your stomach and the air is released. Your chest should rise while your breath is released. For maximum benefit to breathe try to repeat this exercise several times in a row until achieving a rocking motion. This technique helps relax the body from head to toe.

As you practice and perfect these techniques it is that it can significantly reduce symptoms of social anxiety disorder. The best part about breathing techniques is that they are free! Unlike medication and psychotherapy, breathing techniques cost nothing and are scientifically proven to help social anxiety disorder sufferers.

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