Air alergy viruses

Choosing an air purifier can be difficult, especially when some vendor starts throwing words you like HEPA, ionic and ultraviolet breeze. The question is, how do you know which one is the best?

The simple answer is that none of them are the best. Everyone excels at something and is weak in other areas.
Therefore, we will deal with this guy with a somewhat simplified the main types of air purifiers look.

HEPA air purifiers are basically filters. They can remove even the smallest particles from the air. Therefore, if allergies are the problem, then this air purifier system would be a good choice. Pet dander, dust and allergens can be reduced and almost eliminated. If these systems is the elimination of odors. Therefore, if you are looking for a system that will eliminate cigarette smoke, this would be the best option. And, of course, the filters must be replaced regularly to HEPA air purifiers to be effective.

Ionizing air purifiers on the other hand are very good at removing odors. Where they come a bit short is the removal of particles like dander and allergens from the air. Without going into too much detail, the negative ions are put into the air and attract positive ions such as smoke and other odors. A new form of particles and is too heavy to float so it falls into a collection plate which then has to be cleaned. Messy, but effective. There are also some concerns that ionizing air purifiers raise the level of ozone in the room.

UV air purifiers are used in most hospitals. Air purifiers fan circulates air to pass in front of the UV light. Then zap, burn the light and kills germs or viruses in the air. Many of these viruses are too small to be captured by even the best HEPA filters. So love the hospitals. Usually installed in a heating duct. But if dust is your problem, then this system is not your best bet. In addition, they are expensive to run and can be pretty sure that not all of the air in your home will pass in front of the light.

Therefore, the best air purifier depends on the problem you are trying to remove. Of course, technology is changing all the time and there are now systems that combine the three types of reality so do not be afraid to look around. However, the decision about the type is just the beginning. Now you have to figure in the cost and if you want more room air purifiers or a whole house air purifier that has to be installed. But once you decide which type of air purifier you need, the rest becomes a little easier.

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