Accredited Normativa construcción

State Housing Plan 2013-2016

The new state housing plan 2013-2016 to access rehabilitation programs of buildings establishes grants based on objective criteria of age, obsolescence and degradation of buildings shall be eligible for the same owner communities, groupings of communities owners or the sole owners of residential buildings with a minimum age of 30 Anosy that at least 70 of its floor area is intended for housing. They may also benefit those buildings that present serious structural damage.

Neighboring communities must agree to when undertaking the different activities and attach a report on the accessibility, energy efficiency and conservation status of the building completed and signed by a competent technician.
The actions to improve the condition of the building must have a minimum of 5 housing. If it comes to improving the energy efficiency of the building will be the minimum of 20 homes. And in the case of actions to ensure universal accessibility of the building is the minimum of 8 apartments or less, where there are occupants with accredited motor or sensory disabilities.

The works eligible for these grants are: Works for the preservation and improvement of building habitability, safety and health: consolidation of structures and foundations, repair of moisture, community facilities adaptation of firefighting equipment. Works to improve energy efficiency: installation of renewable energy, improved thermal insulation and facilities for saving water and noise protection. Works to improve accessibility to the building: installation of elevators, save-stairs, ramps).

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