Accompanied garden

Web to create a virtual Zen Garden

The world of Internet gives us endless possibilities for entertainment, for information and research, and also to relax. As usual, application developers designed a system of zen gardening allows you to relax and surrender to these gardens without leaving your chair.

The idea of this application is to create designs on the virtual arena, to your taste: following the shapes of rocks, making linear designs, or whatever you want.
When loading tool, I suggest you take a deep breath, you relax, and you guide the rake with the mouse pointer in the style and design you prefer at the moment.

Virtual rake pressure on the sand depends on the residence time of the element at the same point. The ideal is to make constant strokes, neither too slow nor too fast. You can also lift the rake, separating it from the sand, by clicking with the mouse. To smooth the sand again and start designing your Zen garden, just press on the outside of the platform and a nice relaxer do all the work.

Why create a virtual Zen garden?

While this application may be technological, artificial and some peaceful, according to the conventional format of a Zen garden you surprised at how this simple design grabs you and takes you into a bubble of peace and tranquility. It is ideal for short breaks you take in your work, accompanied by soft music and your headset application.

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