Accompanied decorations for Christmas

Original ideas for decorating the Christmas tree

Anything goes when it comes to creativity and decor of our home, and Christmas trees can not escape it: you can already put aside traditional balls and bright garlands, and give your tree a special, original and completely personalized touch.

We learn 7 good ideas to decorate, then:

Christmas tree with family photos

Ies decorate the pine photograph of loved ones, and even pets: a great for those who have family and friends living far proposed. You can give the size you want in a layout program (such as Photoshop) and print them at home on photographic inkjet paper, and then mount them inside transparent balls, or making small frames with wood, twigs, fabric, pasta attached to cardboard , colored cardboard and wooden sticks for ice cream.

Fuses for decorating the Christmas pine

This is an easy and simple version: small wire hooks inserted in one end of wine corks, and hang pine with extra fine satin ribbon color you prefer. You can make a big star adhering corks vertically until they get this way, and supplemented with bows and Christmas figures (like stars and angels) cut in Cork iron crafts.

Christmas ornaments and rustic sisal fibers

Here you anticipate making. Inflated bulbs or water balloons in small sizes, and surround them weaving a long strip of sisal twine, raffia, cotton yarns or natural fibers embedded in a solution of two parts white glue and tap water. Taping until the glue dries and the piece takes the form, and then pop the balloon with a needle to remove. With this technique and some patience, you can make endless flat shapes or volume.

Christmas trees decorated with fabrics

This is a simple technique: different colored fabrics cut into small squares, and hogar with white glue to cards. Brush over to tighten further, then cut out the shapes you want. You can use a cloth on each side of the figure so that the hang, go changing the look of your pine.

Male pine Christmas decoration

Opened the workshop and stir all containers. Take washers, shiny screws, nuts and want generous sizes as an element to your Christmas tree industry. Tie the pieces to the branches with pieces of copper wire or thin wires, and complemented by a star shaped galvanized wire.

Decorate the Christmas tree with cookies

Ideal for families with many children: instead of ornaments, baked sugar cookies and star in circular forms. Make a hole before taking the oven, where do then spend a ribbon to hang the pieces. Glasea cookies and lozenges coverage colors red and green to give this Christmas touch, and makes it dry before hanging up. You can use the same technique to place candies, gummies and many more edible.

Christmas trees with small gifts

Original and personal, this technique is to buy small gifts for each guest to the Christmas dinner (as accessories, cufflinks, necklaces, earrings and other light objects). Place them in small red boxes, you can do at home with cardboard, and decorate closing with a green satin ribbon. Using the same tape, hanging from every branch, accompanied by a sign with the name of the recipient. At midnight, everyone will take his ornament pine and receive a welcome surprise.

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