When to prune hydrangeas

The time of pruning and shearing method branches prune hydrangeas leaves is different for different hydrangeas. There is one thing though that remains common to the different types of pruning prune hydrangeas This common thread is removing spent flowers and dead stems to be taken into account for all these types. In order to carry out proper hydrangeas pruning it is necessary to identify these different types prune hydrangeas Pruning is an important part of hydrangea care to be carried out correctly.

How and when to prune hydrangeas?

The activity of pruning for hydrangeas, as stated above should be carried out according to the type of this plant. The timing of pruning hydrangeas different is different. People in general are confused about when to prune hydrangeas, due to a variety of reasons. The appearance of dead branches in winter is one of the reasons behind this confusion. The failure of the plant to bloom in summer is also one of the important reasons.

Hortensia florist: The botanical name of this type of hydrangea is Hydrangea macrophylla. This plant is also known by the name as mop and broadleaf. The colors of the flowers of hydrangeas these change soil pH. In acid soils, blue flowers reach while pink flowers are in some hydrangeas that grow in alkaline soils. Some have white hydrangea flowers florist colors. Shiny dark green leaves Flower hydrangea also make the identification process a little easier, other identification of the leaves is their gear prune hydrangeas margin border.

Pruning of these hydrangeas is performed after the flowers fade. Older, dead branches need to be pruned in a timely manner. Pruning out all the old branches is not advisable as, provide support for new growth. The period of spring and autumn after pruning is important not to do at this time. If pruning is performed during this period, the pads and thus are lost Blooms.

Climbing Hydrangea: Unlike other hydrangeas that are basically the bushes, climbing hydrangea is actually a vine (vine). Minimal pruning serves the purpose in the case of this hydrangea. Proper pruning of this plant now is the summer season. One must however, have one thing in mind that only after the plant is well established in a given area and achieve a strong growth, pruning activity should be initiated.

Peegee Hydrangea: The flowers of this plant grow in groups and these groups achieve a form of big snowball. This plant blooms in the period from mid to late summer. The flowers are initially white and turn pink as they begin to ripen. Pruning is mainly used to stop excessive growth of this plant hydrangea. The best time to prune hydrangeas Peegee is between late winter and early spring. Pruning at this time promotes the growth of flower buds. To keep the plant in shape, dead flowers should be cleared.

Oakleaf Hydrangea: The botanical name of this plant is Hydrangea quercifolia. This plant can be identified from their leaves like oak leaf. Time for this hydrangea pruning runs from late winter to early spring. During this activity pruning the dead wood should be removed.

The article deals with information about the time of pruning hydrangeas. Details about the best time to prune hydrangeas can be found in the preceding paragraphs. One must be careful in the approach to pruning hydrangeas. Different types of these plants need to be taken into account for performing the method of pruning.

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