What colors to use to decorate in winter?

Using Colors in Winter decoration

Is there a room in which you feel at ease, and one that puts your nerves? . It is that the colors you use to decorate generate some impact in winter, and not something you should take lightly.

When light hits the objects, exposing refracted beams in our eyes perceive as colors and, as energy, send a signal, being able to change our mood, momentum and to our productivity.
And if you take into account the characteristics of each season environmental influences, then it is easy to anticipate that need to adapt the ambience of your home and your office to be always in your best mood and your energy cap.

Color impact

The way that colors influence our mood has been the subject of numerous research study. One of them, of the University of Maryland and published by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, says that the color in the office setting may be the key to determine the productivity of each member of a corporation, and recommends how to adapt to the tasks in hand, the category of activities and even the time of year as a decoration that contradicts the landscape that we see through the windows will only confusion in our minds.

This and many more studies key concepts that can base yourself for choosing colors and aesthetics of the home or workplace, as you do there and also in consideration of the season are released.

For example, we know (red, orange, yellow) warm colors bring energy, happiness and vitality, encourage efficiency and agility in the execution of work, being great for the kitchen, living room and activity rooms. Meanwhile, the cold tones (blue, green, white) give calm, encourage concentration and focus, making them ideal for studies, libraries, bedrooms, laundry room and hallways.

The impact of the colors in decorating winter

In the winter we must not fall into the easy trap of summer colors and images provide heat, as it contrasts with the landscape of the windows. But it is necessary to increase energy and improve moods when you most need our mind.

At home and in the office should not miss the orange and yellow colors, evoking joy and enthusiasm, and give more sense of warmth inside the home. These colors are most suitable for textiles (curtains, carpets, upholstery, bed coverings and linens), and details or decorative elements for the living room, hall and bathroom.

Red is a color that should be used with care to decorate in winter. Choose it in dark and elegant for the living and the kitchen, which are sites that require more energy tones. On the other hand, you should also complement the interiors with the outside: the winter is ideal for relaxing in touch sapphire blue and turquoise, which in turn motivated emotionally tone time.

You can also take advantage of the hints of violet in the common rooms, especially in pastel or light. This insight will help tone without being too gloomy or calm. Choose it for entire walls and also for textiles, combined with warm colors to make them more attractive and energizing environment.

Seize the impact of color to choose tones in winter, thinking of each room you want to renew during the cold season. Apply and replaceable to adapt when you return the heat elements.

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