What color to paint a living?

Ideas to paint a living

The living room or family room, is a site that combines a huge variety of activities. There we receive friends, we sat in chairs to watch TV, play games, read, talk, play as a family. Therefore, the decoration of the living must accompany all situations: for relaxation for moments of relaxation and entertainment for hours of fun.
So what color to paint it?

The color of living according to their use

A living room that is used daily needs colors to accompany all kinds of activities. Ringtones corn, yellow and light brown can be ideal, they are calm and assets, according to the lighting.

If it is used sporadically, for meetings and family activities, you can play with the color scheme, as neutral cafes with touches of garnet, black and white combined with gray or light green.

If you only use the living room rarely, as in the evenings to receive friends, a more striking color can be the order of the day: purple, shades of electric, red blue on white and even gold may be what you need.

Choosing the color according to the structure

Discusses how the architecture of your home. If the living room is connected with other environments, it considers that the setting of the two must be related in some way. You can use the same color in a different tone, or applied in the living tone of the highlights touches that has the room to which it is connected.

The color according to the furniture

If you already have a set of chairs, furniture care, including eye-catching shades in a very prominent reason, then use that inspiration to give color to your living room. It may be something mobile (as mentioned), a detail of space as a kind of stone column decorating the fireplace or fireplace logs, moldings, or even a very bright color in the openings. Consider using the same but in a different tone to the base, and then give details on the fabrics, upholstery and elements.

The number of colors for the living

We often use a base color, another for outstanding details, and one for the little touches, such as pillows, a road on the coffee table or other. Do not use more than this amount of colors, then they collapse facing each other.

Also consider using two tones in the walls: the most striking on a wall, and the other three in a white, ocher or a lighter and more attractive space’ll avoid monotony.

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