Ways to make cut flowers last longer

The flowers are those little colored beacons sun we get when the sun dark, gloomy skies cover our thoughts Dodinsky.
You may be the type of gardening, growing plants and trees on his small plot of land, seeing them take root and grow and flourish. You can be the artistic type, like pieces of natural home decoration, flowers in a vase here and there.
You may have received a beautiful bouquet of red roses and pink carnations and after sniffing them and oh-aa-ing of joy, wonder how to keep them. Or just love flowers and want to keep these small wonders of nature and spray around your home. There is a bit trickier to keep cut flowers fresh and lively, then just cut and arrange them in a vase.

Steps to make cut flowers live longer

To ensure long life of cut flowers, some great ways to make cut flowers last longer listed below. If your cut flowers shops brought, then directly go to the Steps to follow after cutting section, and such flowers are cut in the proper manner by the florist.

Steps before cutting

Cutting them at the right time

Do not cut the flowers at night. The plant is at rest, its flowers are closing and not be fresh flowers. Rather than cut into the early hours of the morning flower. There should be no dew on the ground. At that time, the flowers are at their peak in terms of food and health. Again the evening is acceptable when the weather is cold.

Cut the right way

Use the right tools such as scissors or a sharp knife.

Cut flowers over a node or bud, so that the plant is encouraged to grow new flowers.

Roses, daffodils and lilies should be cut as the buds of the plant, which will open and blossom after being cut.

Flowers like marigold and delphiniums should be cut when they are open and flourishing.

Cut the stem at an angle of inclination or a flat or straight cut. This type of cut permits the rod to absorb more water and air bubbles reduces.

Taking care of them immediately after cutting

Remove leaves and thorns that plunge into the water when arranged, just keep intact upper foliage.

Do not remove the thorns of rose, no matter where they are in the cut stem. Removing thorns shortens the life of the cut flower.

Keep cut flowers in warm water immediately. Do not use cold water.

With the flowers that grow from bulbs such as tulips and daffodils, place the flowers in cold water.

Recut the stems cut

When the stems are cut from the plant, air bubbles may form in them. This impedes the ability of the plant to absorb water, so recutting the stems is needed. To recut the stems, dip the cut flower stem in water and make a cut at 45. Cut 3 inches of stem. Then place the stem in the vase. Roses have a style different cut stem. The lower part of the stem must be broken or crushed underwater. Then with a knife, make a division up or cut. This style is used for woody-stemmed flowers. Before placing cut flowers, necessary condition. Place them in warm water overnight. They can also be stored in the refrigerator for 6 hours.

Steps after cutting

The following are some tips and tricks to keep the flowers after being cut and ready for cut flowers last longer

How to make cut flowers last longer? First, do not put flowers in a hot and humid place. This will make the flowers fade and age.

Do not place near open flowers fruit or vegetables.

Place the cut in a cool, well-ventilated place that is not too bright or direct sunlight flowers.

At night, keep the cut in the coldest room in the house flowers. This will help them last longer.

To make your flowers last longer, recut the stems cut flowers last longer or 1 inch each week. This eliminates air bubbles that have pickup.

Arrange your flowers in a glass vase, with plenty of space between the flowers. Avoid overcrowding a vase as breathlessness favors wilting.

Flowers and clean vases. Dirt in vases flowers transferred bacteria, causing wilt rapidly. Clean the glass once a week, washing with hot water and soap and then rinse well.

Remove dead flowers and leaves of the vessel as they come.

Keep watering the flowers. Act as if they were still on the ground and change the water every two days.

You must get rid of the old warm water and put fresh water in the vase. No water off the vases.

Fresh water is the best way to make flowers last longer. To hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, use cold water to keep them fresh and beautiful.

Using condoms with cut flowers

Sometimes no matter what you do, your flowers just wither and die. So certain substances can be added to water in the glass is stored in, to prevent aging of the flowers wilting. Next to preserve the flowers come from florists and old wives tales. They may or may not work with cut flowers, a little trial and error is necessary. Just be sure not treat all at once!

1-2 cents copper

1 aspirin

1 tablespoon sugar mixed with a quarter teaspoon of bleach

cut flowers last longer of chlorine per 1 liter of vase water

cut flowers last longer cup of 7-up or soda

2-3 drops of lemon juice

Rub some alum in the stem cut

Using a commercial floral preservative biocides fact, acidifying and sugar
There is a limit to how much you can prolong the life of a cut flower. So along with the care of your cut flowers, care for the plant growing flowers, so you still get fresh flowers and cut flowers!

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