Vertical working techniques Techniques also called access and positioning by strings groups all techniques for temporary work at heights that are based on the use of a system for access and positioning by strings, which consists of a line of work and a safety line attached separately, which is used to access and exit the workplace, and that can be used to support and evacuation. the field of rehabilitation of communities using techniques propietariosel vertical work has led to the streamlining of certain actions required for the rehabilitation of both the facades and the roofs of buildings (sealing expansion joints, plaster, painting and maintenance facades), reducing the discomfort the rehabilitation users of housing and reducing the cost of the work.

Vertical working techniques are much safer than the traditional techniques used in the rehabilitation of buildings as long as the rules on work at height is strictly observed, namely:

An assessment of the risks and planning of the security measures used before starting any restoration project.

Make a forecast of the weather conditions that may affect the safety and health of workers and the smooth operation of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Before each job has to carefully check the condition of the personal protective equipment and in general all the elements necessary for the realization of vertical works and verify that they are in perfect working order.

Conducting vertical works also requires perfect planning constant supervision so that if an emergency accident you give, you can give immediately the necessary assistance for the evacuation of the workplace.

Vertical work companies are required to provide their workers with specific training in relation to the progression techniques with ropes and structures, fastening systems, Mantenimiento Edificios systems, standards of care, maintenance and testing of personal protective equipment, techniques rescuing injured persons suspended, security measures to weather conditions that may affect the safety and safe load handling techniques in height.

While the vertical working techniques involve certain risks such as those resulting from people falling from heights, falling materials on people and Mantenimiento Edificios or property or injury to workers caused by the handling of certain materials and tools Mantenimiento Edificios in most cases, and as long as they strictly observe the rules for conducting vertical works are easily preventable and pose a greater risk than those generated with other systems used in the rehabilitation of buildings.

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