Using the Rorschach blots on Decoration

What are Rorschach blots?

Rorschach blots are a set of abstract symmetrical images used in numerous personality test. They are generally applied in the pre-hiring assessments, to define the personal characteristics of the candidates for the positions. But today, this set of patches will be part of the decor, as apply in many areas in late complement the ambience of the chosen site.

Where to apply Rorschach blots in decoration

If you have a child who plans to study the science of psychology, Rorschach blots can be part of the decoration of their rooms or study hall. They are also an ideal gift for therapists and doctors psychiatrists, to complement the decor of his office, therapies or practices, or to make a fun gift item.

For its abstract nature, these spots invite the thought and the use of imagination to understand it. They are good items to decorate our room works if our work includes philosophical thoughts, because the mere observation of these spots of Rorschach allows us to imagine their meaning, stories, even situations that reflect, thus awakening our creativity.

Using spots in decoration

Although the set of Rorschach blots are pictures already well defined and established, you can use them or let them inspire you to create similar.

In many websites you find Rorschach blots in high-resolution files, which you can download and print or observe to copy. A simple search on Google will take numerous pictures of the spots in black and color, and clicking the right mouse button, can save or print them directly.

To create your own Rorschach blots

The best idea is to visualize the Rorschach blots to understand its mechanics. In some primary schools, a simple technique that allows you to create pictures that are used: take a piece of paper and mark its half with an imaginary line. Quite the center of the sheet, a few drops of ink, tempera, paint some drops. You can blow it by throwing a little air through a straw, with a needleless syringe, or just with your lips.

Immediately after, fold the sheet in half, this time marking the center line and pressing from the center and out, and up and down. Thus opening the road will have your symmetrical abstract image. Let it dry and then iron sheet to eliminate the center crease.

Applying the Rorschach blots in decoration

Using carbon paper, vellum, or shaping the image at the back with turpentine, you can apply Rorschach stains on fabrics and upholstery, either in curtains, sheets, clothing or fabrics to create room dividers.

Another idea is to create entertaining dishes with these decorative stains, copying the image and then painting it with glaze to ceramic or acrylic paint mixed with vitrifying varnish. If you cook the pieces in the oven, you can even use it as conventional dishes. If not, you’ll have a set of flashy to decorate dishes.

You can also apply Rorschach images liners or paper covers for books and notebooks, or create desktop clocks or wall, and even paint the walls with these attractive spots that invite us to reflect and let our imaginations.

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