Using gardening to relax

Gardening, a relaxing activity

Gardening is one of the greatest pleasures between housework, because his practice allows us to forget about problems, schedules and obligations, and gives us the possibility of a communion with nature and the environment. Also, take care of a living being as flowers, plants, herbs and other vegetables, it has an amazing result, as we can see the fruits of our work both appreciate the careful plant, and the fruit taste after crop.

Gardening is an activity that anyone can do, beyond the myth that green hand is needed to carry it out.
The truth is that plants are generally hardy and true survivors. Remember only require watering in a first step. Then we depending on our level of attention and dedication, we also nourish, heal, and even talk to them.

Benefits of gardening

This is a great secret garden lovers: consider this activity as a true catharsis therapy: the move away from the problems, troubles, and devote himself to pay attention to the other living being, which in many cases will They discuss their ideas, their conflicts and desires. Sure, no verbal response of the plant will be received, but it has been proven that the mere emission of sounds, whether music or voice, is beneficial for the proper development of the plants, which will be reflected in their appearance and strength. Not to mention, of course, the satisfaction is to have a green heard some who will listen sympathetically as long as necessary.

The best technique to devote to gardening is to dress comfortably, wear gloves on each hand, make tools, and provide care for these noble beings, depending on the particular plant. We can have a real dialogue with our plants: they, through their appearance, we will know if they are comfortable with the location we have given, with the selected container, or incuso with the company of other plants around it.

It is best that we do not need to have a great park to devote to gardening: can begin for a few pots arranged on the balcony.

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