Types of kitchen faucets

Choosing kitchen faucet seems simple, but when you see the wide range of kitchen faucets there you realize that the choice is not so simple. Unitaps, bimando, monobloc, etc.

In the following article we will discuss the different types of faucets out there and analyze the different characteristics of each so you analyze which is ideal for your kitchen.

And be the first to analyze mixer taps. These are modern in style, although many years among us does. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, faucets are easy to handle.

With them select the amount of concrete water we need is a simple task, so that the flow of water we use is rational and consumption is adjusted to specific needs. Also it is easy to open and close, very practical for a space like the kitchen.

Another type of taps that can be found on the market are bimando taps. They generally have a much more traditional style. As its name suggests, have two commands that are used to select cold water or hot water, both independent.

This type of faucet is not too comfortable for kitchens because they are most often opened and closed by rotating clockwise. This will not only make things as simple as washing hands or wash the fruit, but makes more difficult the choice of the correct water temperature.

Yes, aesthetically these faucets have a special charm. This makes them very present in kitchens classic or rustic style.

We will continue with removable spout faucets. Usually this type of taps are found in industrial kitchens, for offering water runs in different directions with ease.

This type of taps become small hoses that allow us to bathe with water larger areas without displacing the item you want to get wet, just moving the hose tap mode.

For cleaning food or filling large containers are really comfortable.

A type similar to these are the swivel tap spout. They have a high spout that can easily move up and down and sideways, allowing optimally direct water flow to where we want.

And finish with the most modern and most innovative of all taps, faucets osmosis. These incorporate two different pipes. One pulls water for industrial use as washing or cleaning, the other draws water for human consumption.

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