THE inverted roof

Inverted flat roofs, one of the constructive solutions covers the most innovative communities of owners in the field of construction, based on the alteration of the placement order of the layers that make up the traditional flat cover. Inverted roof is referred to that in which the thermal insulation protects the waterproofing sheet, as opposed to traditional flat deck on which the insulation layer is below the waterproofing.

The construction system of inverted flat roofs is based on the placement of a series of layers on the structural support of the cover in which previously has created a small slope (always less than 5) basically using lightweight concrete, which will serve to drive elagua to sinks where it drains to the outside, thus preventing water infiltration through the cover.

The first of the layers of the inverted roof waterproofing sheet is protected with a geotextile to minimize possible damage that may affect the inverted roof. Above the waterproofing layer a layer of thermal insulation, usually extruded polystyrene (XPS) as one of insulating materials with higher strength and lower water absorption rate is placed. The layer of thermal insulation is protected by a heavy protection, which shall exercise the function of surface finish of the flat inverted roof.

The different types of inverted roof:

Passable: Covers which finished slabs filter is self-protected (polystyrene plates attached with a protective concrete) or floating floor (elevated or hydraulic stony slabs on plots).

Impassable: Covers a final layer planascon nose or gravel.

Gardens: landscaped flat roofs on the insulating layer of topsoil, vegetation growing on (the topsoil in itself constitutes a thermal insulator) is provided.

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