We could define as that covered ventilated roof consists of two parts separated by an air chamber ventilated leaves. The top sheet Aislamiento Térmico cover to protect the rest of the cover weathering, humidity and solar radiation and the bottom has the function of providing cover ventilated good thermal insulation. Ventilated covers are also called cold decks.

The construction system in which the ventilated roofs are based can be applied both to flat roofs and pitched roofs:

The ventilated sloping roof is formed by two sheets between which the air chamber is situated. Usually in the top layer waterproofing membrane it is placed at the bottom and thermal insulation. Sometimes the layout is changed membranes and waterproofing membrane is placed at the bottom. Arguably, virtually all ventilated pitched roofs are covered as necessarily creating a slope generates a space or air space between the roof and wrought that supports it.

The clearest example of flat roofs ventilated are covered calls ventilated Catalan chamber Airede covers ventilated to catalanafavorecen creating air currents that decrease the high temperatures and prevent the formation of condensation so in these covers It is not essential to the existence of a vapor barrier. Its low slope less than 3 allows the use of the cover as patio (roofed passable)
Whatever the construction system of the ventilated roof, it is clear that this type of cover provides many advantages over traditional covered:

Waterproofing of the roof because whatever the coating used in ventilated roof, being situated on the waterproofing membrane water leaks are avoided and in any case ventilation that provides air chamber allows you to quickly dry small leaks avoiding penetration in the building.

Thermal Insulation. The membrane thermal insulation with air cushion chamber excess temperatures: summer, solar radiation heats the outer coating which transmits its energy to the air chamber to warm up up to go outside and, in winter, Aislamiento Térmico membrane increases the thermal resistance of the enclosure.

Acoustic isolation. The air chamber ventilated cover serves to attenuate the noise generated by the impact of weather (rain, hail) on the cover.

Breathability: ventilated covers the use of breathable waterproof membranes together with the air chamber allow the constant recycling of air so the possibility of occurrence of bacteria and fungi inside or outside the walls decreases.

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