Tropical flower arrangements for weddings

Modern brides are becoming entrepreneurs and are willing to experiment with their wedding flowers. Gone are the days when the roses and lilies were the only options for wedding decoration. Today, there are countless options in terms of color, size and fragrance of flowers.
If a particular variety is not available with your florist, you have the option of ordering exotic flowers. Tropical flower arrangements for weddings slowly becoming more popular due to the striking and different sizes of these flowers colors. Here are some tips on how to make a flower arrangement with tropical flowers wedding present.

How to make a tropical floral arrangement

Tropical flowers are best suited for informal weddings, outdoor. If you are opting for a theme wedding or a Hawaiian beach wedding, then I can not think of a better option than these beautiful flowers. Fall and wedding decoration summer can also look fabulous with a touch of color everywhere. You can use tropical flowers everywhere throughout the wedding decoration. They can be used to make delicate bridal hair accessories and decoration items prominent altar.

Yellow hibiscus which happens to be the state flower of Hawaii is a large flower with a delicious fragrance. You can tie these large flowers together for decorating canopy or altar. A single flower tied with a silk ribbon suffices the need for wedding decorations bank. The size of these flowers do not make good candidates for table decoration or table centerpieces, but you can certainly include them in bouquets.

Ilima Amarillo is a smaller version of yellow hibiscus. It can be used in almost any flower decoration. If white is the theme of your wedding, then the lovely dash of yellow in your wedding decoration looks absolutely stunning. These pretty flowers also look fabulous when combined with purple flowers or lavender. These flowers can also be used for bridal hair decoration. However, you can not easily find these tropical flowers.

The golden plumeria offers a very different for wedding decorations with its brilliant golden yellow appearance. These flowers look particularly beautiful in bridal bouquets. Since then, they are easier to work with, you can also be used for hair decoration. These flowers animate the table decorations or centerpieces with their presence.

Ohia is another native of Big Island tropical flower. This flower comes in vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow and black. You can use a combination of any of these colors for your flower arrangement. Arrange these flowers with suitable vegetation to make an array of wonderful flowers. Add some small kukui flowers as fillers in this type of arrangement.

Orchids are considered as the queen of tropical flowers. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors such as pink, purple and black. Purple Orchids are the most common variety of orchids. Orchids are an epitome of love and romance, so its use in wedding decoration is justified. They look equally stunning in bridal bouquets and table decorations. They are also excellent for floral centerpieces.

Gladiolus is a large flower with a long stem. The perfectly round gladiolus flower makes it a favorite in floral arrangements. It is found in several dazzling colors like pink, white, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, etc, simply tying a bunch of gladioli with a satin ribbon or tulle becomes a perfect wedding bouquet for summer weddings.

Tropical flower arrangement is a treat for the senses with its attractive colors and fragrances. These flowers really add charm and a riot of colors to decorate your wedding.

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