Tips for kitchens with center island

If you have enough space to place, kitchen islands become a very practical element in the kitchen while transforming it into a modern place thanks to contemporary touches that they convey.

But for the choice of kitchen island is appropriate and that it exploits its full potential, it is best to follow a few tips to try next.

Study space.
The island must leave enough room to move around it at length. The ideal distance is one meter between the island and the rest of the furniture. That is why these supplements are only suitable for large kitchens.

Choose a practical model. The market offers a wide variety of kitchen islands with different types of functionality. Remember that cooking should be divided into three zones (storage, cleaning and cooking). If you decant for a kitchen island, opt for one of these areas is in it.

Following the practicality of the island, looks up to it. The place to eat in her height is 90 cm. whereas if you use it as a bar to a cooking the perfect height is 110 cm. There are islands with adjustable feet, ideal to toggle functionality.

There are islands with drawers and storage space to put the legs, which is ideal to convert the island into a meeting place. If you’re choosing your kitchen island is the hotplate, remember that you should choose a good hood.

Take care enlightenment. The work island must be perfectly clear. You should receive enough light for the area is well lit, caring avoid shaded areas are created. The ideal is to have direct light on the island.

Take care materials. The islands of stronger and more versatile kitchen are made of stainless, aluminum or steel sheet. Evita especially wood, unless you can be almost constantly applying oil.

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