The types of evergreen shrubs

Shrubs are smaller than trees. Although it does not have a single trunk as trees, which have several branches that make it look thicker. Various types of shrubs such as flowering and non-flowering, evergreen and deciduous are used to enhance the beauty of outdoor gardens and indoor.
Some shrubs require full sun, partial sun some, while others grow well in the shade. The shrubs play an important role in the design and landscape gardening paper. Low growing evergreen shrubs are used to lower or to the definition of edges in all types of gardens hedges. Small shrubs are an invariable part of formal and informal gardens. Evergreen shrubs and flowering are the most sought after varieties of shrubs. Identifying the bushes becomes easier if you try to analyze them with the help of their leaves and flowers.

Various types of evergreen shrubs

Evergreen shrubs usually have green leaves, but some varieties are red, purple, orange leaves, yellow and silver. So they can be classified as shrubs with green leaves and shrubs with colored leaves. Similarly, flowering shrubs and flowers can not be considered as main types of these bushes. Bush flowers ID is easy. Junipers, yews and arborvitae are some common types of evergreen shrubs. You can sort these shrubs as shrubs that have needle leaves and shrubs that have broad leaves. Some of them are used for fencing and hedging, while some are used to cover the floor. The following table describes some of the most common shrubs evergreen used for gardening.

Examples of evergreen shrubs

The evergreen shrubs


Kurume Azalea

Grow 4-6 feet tall, flowers are lavender, pink, orange, red and white, no need sunlight, they can grow under trees, some flowers produce hose in the hose.


Originally northern hemisphere, Viburnum rhytidophyllum is a popular green evergreen species, known for its large leathery leaves, dark with the rough surface.


Evergreen groundcovers or sub-shrubs (dwarf shrubs), the leaves are alternate, leathery, serrated margin.
BojOriginaria of western and southern Europe, the leaves are rounded or lanceolate leaves are opposite, leathery also excellent for coverage.

Mountain Laurel

Flowering shrub evergreen broadleaf shrub that displays a bright green foliage, grows well in full sun to partial shade, some varieties like Madeline produce double flowers layers

Rhododendron Bush

It can be evergreen or deciduous, the national flower of Nepal, the leaves are large and spacious, the leaves can be as wide as 12 inches, known for the stunning beauty of flowers and leaves.

Oleander Bush

Evergreen shrub, but is poisonous, produces clusters of pink flowers at the end of each branch.

Balsam fir

Nana is a dwarf variety of balsam fir. Flat topped evergreen shrub used for fencing, Piccolo has leaves dark green needles, enhances the beauty of the rock garden.

Japanese Yew (Taxus cuspidata)

Japanese plum yew is known for its dark green foliage muscular, grows well in full sun or partial sun, some grow in a mound like structure.


Dwarf hybrid varieties of tall fir trees are available these days, for example, Serbia, spruce, spruce, white spruce, etc known for flashy looks Mountain laurel, holly, yew, chokeberry make beautiful hedges. You can plant hydrangeas, fir, yew, azalea, holly along the edges of your home. They are commonly used to hide stone foundations of houses. Almost all types of evergreen shrubs are popular because they require minimal maintenance. With the occasional pruning, you can grow them in any way you want. I hope you have the most beautiful garden in your yard.

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