Laazotea, the upper enclosure of the condominium, either a flat, passable and not passable or roof garden. Depending on the type of cover, and the use of it, the residents will have to meet a series of requirements that will enable the proper maintenance of communal roof.

Maintenance of green roofs will never equal that of non-flat roofs, but in any case and regardless of the type of cover, there are a number of recommendations to help sustain community roof in perfect condition with what are avoided greatly annoying leaks that often affect the upper floors of the homeowners.

General recommendations for the maintenance of the roofs are:

Avoid placement on the roof cover elements such as satellite dishes that can pierce the waterproofing layer or obstruct a drain.

No shedding harsh chemicals such as bleaches and solvents that may affect the layer of waterproofing and insulation.

The roofs are not storage, avoid storing any type of material on the cover, in case the homeowners have to place any material on the cover the maximum load that the roof can bear must be taken into account.

Clean the ventilation holes before a snowfall, if this can be provided and periods of frost, remove the ice that forms in the sinks.

Avoid accumulation of all materials (leaves, soil, moss) Clogging drains.

Clean gutters and drains twice a year.

Annually review the expansion joints, drainage pipe bowls and finishing materials covers.

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