The importance of light in indoor plants

The lighting in indoor plants

Light is fundamental to the life of our plants, and especially for indoor appearance. We may encounter the problem that they are in halls or indoor areas with insufficient lighting, which causes considerable.

In this article we will explain some important aspects of lighting that need our houseplants.

What need light our plants?

Every plant needs light, either indoor or outdoor. The fact is that those living in households are more worrisome in this regard, due to the lack of light that can be in some houses. The reason is that the light need is the means through which they can accomplish so important to your life as it is photosynthesis, by which chlorophyll is produced and allows the generation of oxygen function.

However, that this phenomenon occurs, it is important that the plant has the necessary minerals in the soil, because if it is in a container, these mineral depleted rapidly and just not renewed.

Lighting needed for our plants

But what concerns us here is the lighting, and the amount that will need our houseplants mainly depends on the species in question. There are plants that need to receive direct sunlight for several hours a day because otherwise rot or may have trouble metabolizing, while others require plenty of light, but not direct sun.

Therefore, before planting a new species, it is important to inform us of all the prerequisites that enable us to keep in perfect condition for a long time.

It is also important to note that our plants need light is natural light, so the process never made with electricity.

Generally, we always keep in mind that as the seasons are happening during the year in a house lighting is changing. Therefore, we must always consider the possibility of going changing of place attending to their lighting needs.

To facilitate the process, we can create a rotation schedule, number of plants and on the chosen dates, go running instead pots to bring you the light you need.

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