Shrubs with yellow flowers

Landscaping may sound like a daunting task for some, but it is very satisfying to design a garden that is full of blooming flowers and shrubs to tall trees. If you are performing this task, it is a good idea to incorporate yellow by planting shrubs with yellow flowers in the garden. Shrubs with yellow flowers add sparkle to the garden.
Some good colors that go well with bushes of yellow flowers are golden, purple and blue. If you like warm colors, then mix and match bushes of yellow flowers with orange, red and peach blossoms bushes.

Plants with yellow flowers

Yellow Butterfly Bush

One of the plants best and most popular yellow flowers is yellow butterfly bush. It is also known as bee nest bush butterflies and flowers grouped as small yellow flowers. The flowers bloom in late summer and has vivid petals sunshine yellow with a light orange center. The petals are round and slightly curved edges and the leaves are long, dark green with silver accents.


Forsythia is one of the most beautiful shrub with yellow flowers spring flowers and has gold color. It is a deciduous shrub, compact and is best planted in mass for a colorful display of flowers. They grow to about 20 cm high, but spread over an area of 4 inches. Require well-drained soil and good for growing shrubs sun.

Yellow Azaleas

Azaleas yellow flowers are great for planting in a landscaped garden and prolific flowering. Another advantage is that yellow azaleas are very fragrant and bloom in both spring and fall. The yellow azalea bush grows to a height of about 7-10 feet and spread the same amount. Therefore, it requires a bit of pruning to keep the plants in top condition.

Whitethorn Acacia

Another good yellow flowering hawthorn Bush is the acacia which belongs to the pea family. It produces fragrant lemon-yellow flowers that are shaped like a sphere and that bloom from May to August. They grow to a height of 9-15 feet and branches develop spines.

Yellow Rose

You can also consider planting yellow roses in your garden. Although roses can be difficult to cultivate and care for, however, there is nothing to beat the beauty of a rose flower. Choose from the hybrid tea roses that are pale yellow and stained with a hint of orange at the tips. Some varieties of yellow roses that can be selected are Houston, Midas Touch, yellow and peace Persian Chicago.

Potentilla Gold Drop

The Drop Gold Potentilla also popularly known as bush buttercup Buttercup has attractive yellow flowers that bloom all summer. Is a deciduous shrub that needs full sunlight along with plenty of water.

Other shrubs with yellow flowers good for landscaping are yellow hydrangea, I barberry emerald carousel, Dream Catcher bush, yellow oleander, yellow hibiscus and aurea. These can be planted along the trees in yellow flower like Chinese flamboyant, goldenraintree bougainvillea, Japanese dogwood dogwood, goldenchain tree, witch hazel and South wintersweet fragrant. All these types of flowering trees or flowers have yellow or have yellow leaves. Landscape designs garden with bushes of yellow flowers is a great way to incorporate these wonderful flowers in your garden. They can be planted in rows along the perimeter of your garden for a great look.

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