Shade shrubs

Nature has given us so many beautiful trees, shrubs, bushes and grasses that can lighten any landscape. All gardening enthusiasts know that the beautiful vegetation or profuse flowering plant life provides can only be achieved when the ideal growing conditions are provided. Often the ideal growing conditions can not be provided due to geographical factors.
While you can amend the soil by using manure and fertilizers and plant water according to requirements sunlight requirement is something that is beyond our control. If you grow plants that need enough sunlight in shaded areas, you may feel disappointed later. There is a strong possibility that the plant will have stunted growth. For flowering plants, may not see profuse flowering. Does that mean you will never be able to see the flowers and lush green plants in this part of the garden? Well, no need to despair. You can grow shade-loving shrubs and bushes in your garden. Here’s some information on the bushes shade that adapt well to partial or full shade.

Shrubs that grow well in the shade

If any area of your home garden receives less than six hours of sunlight, should be considered as a shaded area. Fortunately, there are many different types of shrubs that are well adapted to shade. If you are very interested in growing shrubs shade in your garden, it would be better to know more about shrubs that can grow well in your area. The time during which the planting site receives sunlight is also a determining factor. If the area does not receive direct sunlight, it would be better to select shrubs that can grow well in dense shade. Once you have an idea about shrubs for shade and its ideal growing conditions such as soil type, soil pH, time of planting and propagation process, then you can work on garden design . Here’s some information on the bushes that grow well in shady areas.

Boxwood Boxwood Buxus belongs to the genus and is a popular choice when it comes to accent the garden. Although it can grow well in places that receive enough sunlight, but is one of the popular shrubs partial shade. To grow well, the soil should be well drained and pH should be in the range of 6.5 to 7.5. It has a thick, glossy foliage and often cut into beautiful shapes. On the list of popular topiary plants. English boxwood and boxwood Americans consider the popular varieties. The root system of this shrub is shallow, so that over watering should be avoided.


Belongs to the genus Viburnum Viburnum. If you are looking for shrubs partial shade, you can grow in your garden viburnum bush. This is one of the bushes with resistant flowers that grow in the shade. It grows well in fertile and well drained. Ideally, soil pH should be between 5.6-6.6. Moderate watering is necessary for this shrub shade. Bunches of flowers shaped snowball produced by this shrub will definitely be able to add visual interest to your garden. Some varieties are known for vibrant color foliage, berries and sweet fragrance.


Azalea is a plant belonging to the genus Rhododendron. This shade shrub can grow to a height of 8 meters. There are many varieties that produce beautiful flowers. Not only are these azalea flowers available in attractive colors like lavender, purple, orange, red, white and gold, its fragrance is also very sweet. You must be grown in well drained soil with pH ranging from 5.5 anywhere 6. A few hours of morning sun is enough for this shrub. You must be watered to keep the soil moist. Watering more often during dry periods.


Hortensia is also one of the popular shrubs partial shade. If you are thinking of this shrub growing in your flower garden, make sure the soil is rich and well drained. In some varieties, the flower color when the soil pH is altered changes. It will grow well in areas with filtered light too.

Carolina Allspice

Carolina Allspice, also commonly referred to as sweet shrub is one of the bushes full shade. It is a fast growing shrub that produces flowers reddish brown in the months of April. The flowering season continues until July. The leaves are oval and dark green. The flowers are sweet smell and leaves are fragrant too. This deciduous shrub is hardy and can grow well in most soil types.

This was all about the bushes shade. In addition to the aforementioned shrubs for shady areas, it can also grow shrubs like camellia, gardenia, honeysuckle and holly. If you want to illuminate the shaded area of your garden, planting these flowering shrubs shade soon!

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