The sewage system of the community of owners is basically composed of elements and drainage channels that connect the apparatus of housing and some enclosures of the building with vertical sanitation network (downspouts) and sewers, manholes, collectors, etc. Until the network of the municipality or other authorized system.

The vast majority of existing buildings have a single sewerage laying evacuate interchangeably, sewage and rainwater, although the current trend in new buildings is to separate the evacuation of sewage and rainwater so that each has its own network.

Maintaining the network clean and free of deposits sanitation is essential to avoid possible leakage both from the deck and in the facade. between the work of periodic maintenance of the sewerage system are:

Review of the status of gutters and drains and correct operation of the pump the pump chamber (annually).

Inspection of the horizontal network anchors hung from wrought and network anchors vertical view (every two years).

State Inspection downspouts and gutters (every three years).

In addition to the above maintenance it is recommended to perform the following tasks Cleaning the sewage:

Pouring hot water (monthly) drains.

Cleaning gutters and drains cover (six months).

Cleaning septic tanks, wells settling and digestion and pumping chamber. (Annually).

Cleaning manholes downspout walk, passing the boxes and boxes symphony (every three years).

All these maintenance of the sewerage system, are essential for the conservation condition of the entire sewage system, while it is true that you can not forget that the maintenance of the sewerage of the homeowners responsibility not only to the owners’ itself (as far as common elements are concerned) but also to each particular owner who must review and keep in good condition the network elements sanitation, being unique to each home serve with the network connection general community sanitation owners (drainpipes, manholes, sewers).

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