Save space in small kitchens

Lack of space is a recurring problem in our society that increasingly build smaller houses. That problem is annoying in general terms, but in the kitchen specifically this discomfort becomes even bigger because in this space many large elements of which we can not do without and limit the presence of others who would also be useful to us.

How to solve these problems of space in small kitchens? That’s what I try to find out in this article showing certain key to achieve this.

One of the most important for our kitchen look more spacious aspect is definitely the order. The visual impact of a kitchen full of obstacles is negative, making the kitchen overwhelm us and look even smaller.

Save all items, collected the dishes in when dry, organizes spices and other elements such orderly, etc. This not win physical meters, but if visual. The feeling of spaciousness and increase our efficiency in the kitchen too.

A very efficient option to maximize the space available to create the furniture. Generally builders do not care if the kitchen is small or not, nor whether all votes meters are being used, but we can we must.

This option is not the cheapest, obviously, but I assure you it is the most efficient and long term, the better. Create your kitchen furniture and fail as useful to the last meter of it. Thus will optimize the maximum space without creating a cramped kitchen.

Besides creating your own furniture You can benefit function optimization options that exist in the kitchen side tables displayed or stored without taking up much space, multifunction counters, sliding doors, etc.

The color and brightness are two of the key aspects that might enlarge our kitchen visually. For the colors we choose light colors. Not necessarily must stay alone with white. You can decantarte wood, green or blue in their shades lighter tones.

The kitchen lighting is also a key factor as we said. The more natural light has the best space, because it is better to enlarge the spaces. The artificial white light and use it directly as possible. Try the furniture does not think too many shadows.

We have not talked appliances, but they can also help you gain space. There are many appliances on the market that are multifunctional, so we will save space in our small kitchen. Opt for incorporating microwave oven or washer and dryer included. As you may have guessed, with this you will gain a handful of meters.

And finally remember that it is best to only the essentials that we use almost daily. Check your closets and drawers and get rid of all that over a month ago you do not use. So you gain space on furniture and these can be better distributed.

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