Roofing FLAT


Rehabilitation of communities of owners, Roofing is one of the most popular works because the duration and effectiveness of the waterproofing has a certain duration depending on the waterproofing system applied in the Community Housing ranging broadly, between 10 and 20 years.

Systems Roofing in communities most common neighbors are based on the application of waterproofing sheets and those employing liquid products of varying composition as a waterproofing material that is called liquid waterproofing systems.

Liquid waterproofing systems for flat roofs are based on the use of different liquids, such as solutions and polymer modified bituminous emulsions, resins with flexible polyester or glass mesh reinforcements, polyurethanes materials.
, Applied with rollers, brushes or air guns on the surface of the facing. Once applied, the waterproofing is polymerized resulting in an elastic coating, in the form of a layer may be, semi -adherida or loose on the support member.

Waterproofing of flat roofs with liquid systems, besides the waterproofing material reinforcing mesh constituted by high strength fibers (glass, polyester), primers applied on the support comprises (would be the first layer of waterproofing of the roof) to improve adhesion between support and waterproofing a heavy protective layer applied waterproofing constituted by different (earth, gravel, slabs. ) material that prevents the waterproofing separates from the support and which act as finishing layer.

Is achieved in this way, an impermeable film can ensure lasting tightness facing, provided they have complied with certain factors that relate not only to the quality and type of applied waterproofing system but also with the proper application of roofing system on the deck and the proper use of the waterproof cover according to the characteristics thereof. It is also important to note that if the work required and recommended maintenance cover are made, the lifetime and efficiency of the waterproofing system cover is extended.

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