Rehabilitation Projects


The homeowners of the C Cubiertas Angel Cubiertas 7 of Madrid, had passed the mandatory Technical Building Inspection (ITE). The result, Cubiertas serious defects affecting the facades and roofs were found. It was necessary to draw up a rehabilitation project to remedy all the pathologies found.

Our rehabilitation project owners community c Cubiertas Angel 7 included the rehabilitation of the facade, a brick facade in which vertical cracks were found and which had to make interventions to restore a Cubiertas rehabilitation of tiled roofs, deck had to be lifted to repair and treat the wood under cover and rehabilitation of the courtyards in addition to performances by pitting plaster, glazed windows and cornices and painting of the same, rehabilitation activities were carried to provide the court with a layer of waterproofing by applying self-protected asphalt sheets.

All these actions were carried out using both andamiostradicionales as vertical working techniques for the rehabilitation of those places where access was difficult. It was necessary to have special safety measures and health, since not only were being made vertical work but also had to remove a corrugated old fireplace, which required specially trained in handling asbestos.

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